Job: English Language Co-Teacher and Youth Educator-Georgia (Peace Corps)

Deadline for Applications: October 01, 2017

Before You Apply

You can only have one active Peace Corps Volunteer application, so choose a position that best fits your skills and interest. You have the opportunity to tell us if you’d like to be considered for other openings and more about the ones that interest you most!

Project Description

Volunteers in the English Education project work with the public schools of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia. The project expands professional and academic opportunities for youth, teachers, and community members through English language learning and development of critical and professional skills.

Through formal classroom teaching and after school clubs and activities, Volunteers will help develop students’ English language proficiency, critical thinking, gender sensitivity, teamwork, confidence, and motivation. Volunteers are assigned to public schools, where they will co-teach full-time in the classroom. Volunteers may be assigned to work in any classroom between grades 1 through 12, working directly with one to three Georgian English teacher counterparts. Volunteers will work with counterpart teacher(s) to enhance their English language communication skills and improve their teaching practices and professional skills both in the classroom and through one-on-one or group trainings. Volunteers will also help English teachers to identify their professional development needs and help them advance in the national professional development and career advancement scheme. Volunteers will enhance, develop, and create resources for teaching and learning English or other educational materials, and/or provide access to external educational opportunities. Volunteers will also work with youth, parents, and other community members on the use of technology, healthy lifestyles, youth-oriented extracurricular activities, such as fairs, camps, English clubs, trainings, peer education and leadership development programs, holiday celebrations, educational campaigns or other areas of interest.

In addition, Volunteers support adolescent girls to pursue their education and career paths and encourage their civic participation. While girls in Georgia often outperform boys at school, they face challenges pursuing successful careers after school due to existing rigid gender norms. All Volunteers in Georgia have an opportunity to work on girls’ leadership and empowerment through both primary and secondary activities. Volunteers are expected to help their students and partners identify strengths and build on individual, organizational, and community assets to ensure that project activities are sustainable both during service and after the Volunteer completes service.

Peace Corps Georgia offers high quality technical training and support in the areas of assignment for all Trainees and Volunteers, earning a strong reputation of excellence. Peace Corps Georgia is committed to providing all Volunteers with relevant professional and cultural training for effective service in their communities.

Required Skills

Competitive candidates will meet or exceed the following criteria:

* BA or BS in any discipline;
* At least 30 hours of teaching or tutoring experience in a formal or non-formal setting prior to departure;
* A strong desire to teach English; and
* Interest and curiosity in Georgian culture and a willingness to integrate into a new culture and community.

For more information, and to apply, click here.

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