Job: Organizational and Community Development Facilitator-Georgia (Peace Corps)

Deadline for Applications: October 01, 2017

Before You Apply


You can only have one active Peace Corps Volunteer application, so choose a position that best fits your skills and interest. You have the opportunity to tell us if you’d like to be considered for other openings and more about the ones that interest you most!

Project Description

Organizational and Community Development Facilitators work under Peace Corps Georgia’s Individual and Organizational Development (IOD) Project to contribute to Georgia’s efforts to build a strong democratic and economically sound society. Through this project, Volunteers will help citizens of Georgia, particularly youth, women, and vulnerable populations, to attain improved social and economic well-being.

Volunteers are placed in small cities, towns, and villages to work with local non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations, regional youth departments, educational centers, departments of local municipalities, or other not-for-profit or governmental organizations. The capacity level of these organizations varies, ranging from well-established, high-functioning to newly-established and limited (both human as well as infrastructural) capacity organizations. You will serve as a facilitator, adviser, mentor, and consultant to your organization and community. You will work closely with local counterparts and community members to design and implement projects and activities to build individual and organizational capacity in project design and management skills, grant writing, fundraising, information technology, marketing, advocacy, and networking. In collaboration with your counterparts you will design and deliver professional development trainings or mentorships in the areas of employability skills, basic financial literacy skills, leadership, girls’ empowerment, and gender issues.

In addition, volunteers work to expand access to education for adolescent girls around the world by abolishing barriers to their education and career paths. While girls in Georgia often outperform boys at school, they face challenges pursuing successful careers after school due to existing rigid gender norms. All Volunteers in Georgia have an opportunity to work on girls’ leadership and empowerment through both primary and secondary activities. Please keep in mind that as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Georgia, you are not expected to identify problems but rather to help your partners identify strengths and build on individual, organizational, and community assets. You will join your partners on an exploration of the best of what is and the best of what might be. If you focus in this way, you will work on project activities that are designed to be sustainable both during service and after you finish service.

Peace Corps Georgia offers high quality technical training and support in the areas of assignment for all Trainees and Volunteers, earning a strong reputation of excellence. Peace Corps Georgia is committed to providing all Volunteers with relevant professional and cultural training for effective service in their communities.

Required Skills

Competitive candidates will meet or exceed the following criteria:
* MA/MS in a discipline with an emphasis in non-profit management, public administration, or organizational development; or
* BA/BS in any discipline and 2 years of management, leadership, or organizational development experience with non-profit or community based organizations; or
* Minimum 5 years professional work experience with nonprofit organizations in a management or organizational development capacity
* Basic computer skills (required)
* Interest and curiosity in Georgian culture and a willingness to integrate into a new culture and community;

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