Prize for a published article about the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Deadline: March 1, 2024

The Daniel Singer Millennium Prize Foundation is offering a $10,000 prize for a published article about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This dreadful conflict has divided the world including those of us on the left. We therefore welcome entries that help us think about the war’s broad issues.

Topics may include self-determination for Ukraine; changes to the global and regional power balance; the effects of the fighting on the lives of both Ukrainians and Russians; how the war is reshaping both governments; how the war may limit or expand post-war possibilities for working people in both Ukraine and Russia, and the conditions of a just peace ending the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Daniel Singer was an idealistic socialist with a courageous respect for the facts on the ground. His journalism was descriptive, analytical and elegant. These are the qualities The Daniel Singer Foundation hopes to honor with the Daniel Singer Millennium Prize.

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