Funding: Essay Contest (PACT)

Deadline for Submissions: April 03, 2018

Polish American Council of Texas Essay Contest—THREE $1000 Scholarships!

Essay Topic: “A Polish Texan’s Story”

Eligible Participants: Students of any ethnicity, any faith, enrolled in a Texas:
a. High school—in Grade 12 only
b. University—Undergraduate
c. University—Graduate

Awards: One $1,000 college scholarship to EACH category above

Email entry with your complete name, address, email, phone number, and name of school you attend on a separate page to:

Important: Do not write any personal identification on essay pages. ESSAY REQUIREMENTS

  • Focus on one person currently living in Texas, who is either Polish or of Polish descent.
  • Compose an enlightening essay about that person including name and date of interview.
  • Include a photo of the Polish Texan.
  • Include the story of their (or their ancestor’s) immigration to Texas from Poland, biographical information, milestones, involvement in Polish-interest activities, organizations and Polish cultural efforts.
  • Discuss the person’s challenges as a Polish Texan.
  • Mention any Polish traditions the person practices and whether or not he/she speaks Polish.
  • Discuss the person’s contributions to furthering and strengthening Polish heritage and culture in Texas.
  • Note any awards, recognitions or achievements related to Polish culture.
  • Note this person’s home town in Texas, and in Poland, if they lived there.
  • Use proper English, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  • Include a reference page if needed.
  • Type 400-700 words, double-spaced.

EXTRA CONSIDERATION GIVEN FOR Volunteering for a minimum of 2 hours with a Polish-interest or multi-cultural organization or event. Include a document signed by an event organizer listing name of event, phone number of person signing the document, date of event, hours worked, nature of work; and a photo of applicant at the event, if possible. If this is not possible, provide explanation; we will review on a case by case basis.