CFA: Diplomacy and International Governance Postdoctoral Project (Loughborough Univ., UK)

Deadline: May 16, 2022

The successful candidate will join the Institute for Diplomacy and International Governance (IDIG). We are looking for a proposal that will either further our current projects which span digital diplomacy, post-Brexit and bilateral diplomacy, diplomacy for peace and security, the politics of diplomacy, experimentalist governance, and foreign policy; or to bring something new, for example the challenges of diplomacy in the fields of sport, climate change and health.

We also welcome proposals that address the themes of sustainability, development and innovation through approaches that combine diplomacy or international governance with other theoretical or methodological lenses.

We would like to hear from candidates whose background – academic and/or professional – offers potential for international collaboration, and who wish to join a dynamic and diverse campus- Loughborough London – that is research-intensive with an entrepreneurial emphasis. If you have a great idea for a PhD in this area, then we’d love to hear it: do get in touch. You will need to provide a research proposal of no less than 500 words that outlines your idea, its significance, and proposed academic contribution.

Research is at the heart of the Institute for Diplomacy and International Governance (IDIG). If you are interested in addressing complex, international issues and developing your professional research skills, then pursuing a PhD in IDIG could be for you. IDIG’s academics offer research expertise and experience in numerous aspects of the study of diplomacy and international governance. They are extremely well-networked with professionals outside of academia in their respective fields. In some cases, especially where the proposed research is interdisciplinary in nature, the Institute can provide joint supervisory arrangements with colleagues from other Loughborough University London institutes and from research teams based at Loughborough University’s East Midlands campus. Our aim is to create a vibrant, supportive, enthusiastic and forward-thinking research community where our academics and research students work closely together to examine solutions to real-world problems of diplomacy and international governance. Our London campus facilitates easy access to decision-makers and practitioners of all kinds, as well as to the rich academic sources the capital has to offer.