Luis Sentis, PhD from Stanford University
Associate Professor in Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, UT Austin
Research Interests: control of compliant human-centered robots, bipedal locomotion, design of humanoid robots, control of exoskeletons, control architectures, shared laboratories

Postdocs / Research Scientists

Donghyun Kim
Postdoctoral Scientist
Current Research: Bipedal locomotion

PhD Students

Gray Thomas
Ph.D. Student
Current Work: Robust control

Steven Jorgensen
Ph.D. Student
Current Work: Trajectory optimization

Jaemin Lee
PhD Student
Current Research: Loco-manipulation

Minkyu Kim
PhD Student
Current Research: Control architectures

Junhyeok  Ahn
PhD Student
Current Research: Bipedal robot control

Binghan He
PhD Student
Research Interests: Controller synthesis

Orion Campbell
MS/PhD Student
Current Research: Realtime systems


Kunye Chen
PhD/MS Student
Current Research: Educational robots

MS Students

Rachel Schlossman
MS Student
Current Research: Trajectory optimization


Dorothy Jorgensen
MS Student
Current Research: Exoskeleton design

Nicolas Brissonneau
MS Student
Current Research: Exoskeleton control

Former Group Members