PI Luis Sentis’ Presentation at IROS 2018

Postdoc Donghyun’s Presentation at IROS 2018

New Track of Work on Transparency Augmentation Exoskeletons

We are happy to share a preliminary video of our new track of work on transparency controller synthesis for augmentation exoskeletons performed by PhD students Binghan He and Gray Thomas. The hardware platform is designed by Apptronik.

Research is Fun

Our PhD student Minkyu and undergraduate visitor Miguel shared their latest research in this fun video!

Featured Research on UT’s Media Channels

We’re delighted to see our research broadly shared across UT media channels! Thank you and Hook’em!

Mobility around Humans with Mercury

This video shows our human-size bipedal robot, Mercury, which has passive ankles, thus relying solely on hip and knee actuation for balance. This capability is not only very difficult to accomplish but enables the robot to rapidly respond to disturbances like those produced when walking around humans.

New Paper Accepted on IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control

Congratulations to phd student Gray for his new paper!

New Paper Accepted on IEEE Transactions on Mechatronics

Congratulations to postdoc Donghyun, graduate students Junhyeok, Orion, and our former phd student Nick for their great work!

HCRL’s Next Robotic Cohort

PI Luis Sentis poses with Apptronik’s DRACO humanoid robot and SAGIT exoskeleton.

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Students and PI Interview for KVUE

IEEE IROS Papers Accepted

Congratulations to Donghyun, Junhyeok, Jaemin, Orion, and Hochul for their accepted papers:

  1. D. Kim, J. Lee, O. Campbell, H. Hwang, L. Sentis, Computationally-Robust and Efficient Prioritized Whole-Body Controller with Contact Constraints (arXiv preprint), IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2018), October 2018
  2. J. Ahn, O. Campbell IV, D. Kim, L, Sentis, Fast Kinodynamic Bipedal Locomotion Planning with Moving Obstacle, IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2018), October 2018

Video for the first paper is below:

Student Bingham presents his research at the American Controls Conference

Here is the pointer to the slides:


Students Gray, Steven and Rachel perform research with Valkyrie at NASA JSC

Students Compete at RoboCup@Home in Montreal

Our students Minkyu, Nico and Arnau, will be competing at RoboCup@Home Domestic Standard Platform in Montreal this week along a larger team. Wishing the whole Austin Villa team best luck!


Snippets of Panel at SXSW on Mobility Beyond Wheelchairs

Here ares some snippets of a panel that PI, Dr. Sentis, moderated at SXSW 2018.

Compliments to Kwan Suk for his new Paper

This paper starts with the speculative fragment: Is it okay for robots to stop objects or other robots that could collide with people?