Year: 2020

Sharing a Keynote on Robotics, Innovation, and Space

This talk took place in October as part of the UT Austin – Portugal annual conference.

New Paper in IEEE TNSRE Journal

Congratulations to Binghan, Huang and Gray! New research suggests that “hysteretic damping” models of human neuromuscular behavior are more accurate than “mass-spring-damper” models and could improve the performance of strength amplifying exoskeletons. Click the image below to go to IEEE

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of New Anna Hiss Robotics Building

The HCRL, along with 14 other robotics laboratories on campus participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony of our new robotics building. Among the attendees we had the governor or Texas, the secretary of the Army, the president of the university,

New Autonomous Delivery System (SMADS project)

The HCRL participated in developing an end-to-end autonomous delivery system for the UT campus, capable of bringing food items without human intervention. Here is a pointer to an article in Medium:

Best Paper Award from IEEE Transaction on Mechatronics (TMech)

We are honored to receive the best paper award published in 2018 from IEEE Transactions on Mechatronics (TMech). Huge congratulations to Donghyun Kim, Junhyeok Ahn, Nick Paine, and Orion Campbell for their effort and contribution to the paper. Click the

Virtual ICRA presentation and paper by Steven Jorgensen

Virtual presentation and paper on coordinating simultaneous manipulation and locomotion for humanoids and dexterous legged robots. S. Jorgensen, M. Vedantam, R. Gupta, H. Cappel, and L. Sentis, Finding Locomanipulation Plans Quickly in the Locomotion Constrained Manifold, IEEE International Conference on

Video of PhD defense of Steven Jorgensen

During his thesis, Steven has develop theory and implementation that ultimately allowed the humanoid robot Valkyrie to be deployed in a real world setup. Great accomplishment!

Check out our newest paper on autonomous locomotion

Our paper, lead by former student Ye Zhao, PI Luis Sentis, and collaborators, Yinan Li, Ufuk Topcu and Jun Liu, Reactive Task and Motion Planning for Robust Whole-Body Dynamic Locomotion in Constrained Environments, is conditionally accepted to The International Journal

Our control architecture paper has been accepted to IJRR

Our paper, lead by students Donghyun Kim, Steven Jorgensen, Jaemin Lee, Junhyeok Ahn, Jianwen Luo, and PI Luis Sentis, Dynamic Locomotion For Passive-Ankle Biped Robots And Humanoids Using Whole-Body Locomotion Control, is now accepted to The International Journal of Robotics