Create, Publish, Edit, Unpublish, Delete

Creating new content or editing content that already exists is not difficult.

However, Be Aware

You must make sure to always verify your edits are published and viewable by the public. The site includes revision moderation status which allow you to make edits that are not published. Options are “Draft” and “Needs Review.” This allows you to work on content over time or with other people before making it “live.”

Also, the  Cache is a tool that puts things in “memory” so that the site loads faster. It can complicate publishing when you can’t see the changes you’re making. We have some tricks to work around it.

It might also be helpful to know how to delete or unpublish content.

that you will see in instructions on the create and edit forms of the Drupal Content Management System and for content writing and organizing tips see our general COFA Web Instruction site.

Tips to Improve the content you publish

The following fields and content types are common on our Drupal websites. They’re designed to add value so we want to encourage you to use them:

  • Sidebars: Don’t forget to be a concierge for your visitors and cross-promote and provide added value when possible using the sidebar functionality.
  • Summary: Used for Google search results and on list views such as the News or Events landing pages. We highly recommend always writing Search Engine Optimized, keyword rich summaries for every page.
  • Small Display: The idea of the small display fields is to make the content on your website respond with a better layout and practical content for small devices. Unfortunately, the  Short Title and Short Summary fields may be available but they may not be displaying. This is something the team is still working on.
  • Schedulable content: a couple content types allow publish and un-publish dates so you can plan in advance and not have to wake up Saturday morning to update the website.

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