Community Factors

The skill-sets and resources of the College of Fine Arts (COFA) Web team have been stressed by supporting too many disparate technologies and systems. In response, the COFA Web team has been charged with streamlining and standardizing our projects. Therefore, the future websites we maintain will use a specific set of modules, themes, frameworks, user interfaces and terminology. In some cases specialized functionality may not be supported or provided.

In order to make the most of the resources we do have, to be efficient and practical, we’re taking into account many related systems in order to determine which tools to use and features to support:

  • We’re reviewing and prioritizing the features on all current COFA websites.
  • Reviewing the actions of the greater campus wide Drupal community, including the development of the UT Drupal Kit and future Managed Drupal.
  • Reviewing the development of Drupal 8 and selecting tools based on the likelihood that they will be easily upgraded.

Our goal is not to recreate the wheel for each website that needs a similar solution but to still provide sites with individualized identities, look and feel.

We cannot maintain custom code that is not part of the infrastructure used on all of the websites. If you need specialized functionality or features contact us to discuss options.

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