Edit Existing Content

Simply, navigate to the page you want to edit. Depending on the moderation Status you’ll see a different Edit tab:

If the page has no unpublished Drafts click the New draft tab:

Another version of the tabs that display on editable content

The notice at the top of the page will let you know that you’re viewing the most recent draft of a published page. Notice for a page that is published and has no unpublished drafts

If there is  a Draft that has not been published click the Edit draft tab:

Tabs that display above the editable page

The notice at the top of the page will let you know that you’re viewing a published page but not the most recent Draft.
notice for content with an unpublished revision

Beware of Changing the URL Path Address

When a page is created the site will create a human readable URL alias for you. If you change the Title field of the page, it will change the URL path address. If the page is linked to elsewhere or already indexed by Google or other search engines, you will create broken links! Learn how to keep the same URL path address.

When You Can’t Find the Content

Navigating to some content can be difficult if it is part of a view (aggregated list like, the News page) and it links off site.
Use the Search Box on the Dashboard to search the Title.
Click the “All Content” link in the “Find & Review Content” area of the Dashboard and use the filters to narrow in on the type of content your looking for.

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