Link to Pre-Filtered Aggregated List

Aggregated list views, like the news or events landing pages, may have a filter option available for visitors. It is possible to generate a link, to be used elsewhere on the site, that will take visitors to the page with a pre-selected filter already enabled, E.g. link with ‘comedy’ preselected.

Unfortunately, the configuration for the link is obscured. Contact the College Web team and we will send you the right path.

Constructing the Link

Construct the link:

To find the “variable_value”, look at the code and find the “name” element for the form field. Example:
<input type=”checkbox” name=”field_event_type_value[]” id=”edit-field-event-type-value-streamed” value=”streamed”>

  1. Take the base URL:
    • e.g.
  2. Add ‘?’ at the end:
    • e.g.
  3. Add the correct ‘variable_value=the_value_of_the_filter’
    • E.g. with Comedy selected:[]=comedy

To add multiple types:
E.g. a link with both comedy and musical selected.

Add as many field=value pairs as you want to be pre-selected, joined with & between them. Add a numeric sequence to teach additional type:[]=comedy&field_event_type_value[]_1=musical