URL Path Address

Drupal pages all have a numerical node value and can be reached with the URL path address of http://[site-root]/node/#
However, human readable URLs are preferred.

A Web URL, or Uniform Resource Locator, is an Internet address, for example, http://www.utexas.edu/. The URL usually consisting of:

  • the access protocol – http,
  • the domain name – www.utexas.edu, and
  • optionally the path to a file or resource residing on that website.

Automatic URL Alias

When a page is created the site will create a human readable URL alias for you. The pattern for the alias is based on several things:

  •  type of contentScreenshot of the Create Content Page
  • the original TitleScreen shot of the Title field
    (If you change the Title in a subsequent edit of the page, the alias will not change.)
  • the menu labelScreen shot of the field for entering the menu link title
  • where the page is in the site navigation,Screen shot of the select box for placing a menu item in the navigation


Typical Patterns

  • Basic Page: navigation path/menu title
  • News: news/page title
  • Directory: profiles/last name – first name
  • Event: events/page title


  • A Basic Page with the Menu Link Title “Fees” that is a third level menu item under About and Parking:
  • A News item with the page Title “My News Item”:

Custom URL Alias

Content Administrators can override the default alias. Use this feature strategically and thoughtfully. Avoid changing URL paths for content that already is published.  Contact the college Web team if you have questions.

At the bottom of the page, un-check the “URL alias based on original Title” check-box and type the value you want into the URL alias field.

Screen shot of the Uniform Resource Locator Path Alias settings

Common Reasons

  • You may need a short URL to use on print publications or to otherwise share.
  • You may be rebuilding your website and want to map the current URL to the new URL so that browser bookmarks do not break when the root of the URL is mapped to the new site.

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