Publishing Content

Screen shot shows the drop-down menu and the published option

You must go to the Revision Information area of the editing form at the bottom, just above the save button, to publish each page.

In the Revision Information section of the content editing form, Content Administrators can move content to the Published Status.

screen shot displaying the moderate tab

When logged in, tabs for editing display above each piece of content.

Alternately, move content to the Published Status from the Moderate tab. The Moderate tab makes it easy to confirm that the correct draft of the content is published.

Pay attention to the editor notices in the yellowish box just below the tabs.

Issue with Caching

Cache is a way for computers to speedup content delivery. The content is saved in “memory” so the next time it’s delivered to a visitor’s device it loads quickly. Unfortunately, this means that you may not see your content correctly right away. If you have this issue, please read our page about caching for tips and tricks.

You are advised to have two different browsers open (Chrome and Safari, Firefox or IE). Log in and do your work in one browser. In the other, review the site without being logged in. Always verify that visitors, who are not logged in, are seeing the correct content.

Verify Content is Published

When you’re logged in, you can see unpublished content in menus and views. The content usually has a pinkish background but not always.

If you don’t have access to the Moderate tab, there are several ways to verify content is published:

  • There should be a list of unpublished content on the Dashboard.
  • One of the columns on the Review Content page says “Yes” for published content and “No” for unpublished content. You can also use the filters at the top to see only unpublished content.
  • Click the Edit tab on a specific piece of content to see what Status it’s in and the Revision tab to make sure the correct revision is published.

Always check that your work is complete!

Advanced editors may want to think about the URL Path Address before publishing.

Run these recommended tests and evaluations.

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