Editor Access, Workflow, Approvals & Roles

The user roles and workflows on the Drupal sites are very basic.

  • Everyone logs in with their EID and therefore is accountable for his/her edits.
  • Each content edit creates a revision. Therefore, edits can be undone.
  • Everything you have access to is on the Dashboard.
  • There are two different roles that individuals can be assigned to:

Available Roles

Content Contributors

  • Can create and edit most content types.
  • Can delete content they create (their own content).
  • Can edit content with the Standard settings for the Rich Text Editor.
  • Can paste plain text into a Rich Text field and past HTML into a Source field.
  • Cannot publish content edits.
  • Cannot edit pages set to the Advanced rich text input format.
  • Cannot sort aggregated list views.
  • Cannot highlight content to display on the homepage.
  • Cannot assign custom URL path aliases.

Content Administrators

Can do all of the above, plus:

  • Can delete and publish any content type.
  • Request pages and edit pages set to allow Advanced rich text input for tables, embeds or other unique layouts.
  • Can also add, edit and delete navigation items.
  • Can sort aggregated list views.
  • Can highlight content to display on the homepage.
  • Cannot access any other site building or site configuration settings such as blocks or views.
  • Cannot manage users.
  • Cannot access status or watchdog reports.

Content Administrators Advanced

Can do all of the above, plus:

Other Special Roles

On a site-by-site basis there may be some special roles with unique privileges.

  • Gig Admin – Has all of the same access as Content Administrators plus can add people with the student gig role. Must publish all Student Gig content.
  • Student Gig – Has very limited access. These people do not have the same access as any of the above. They do not see the dashboard when they log in. They can only create Musician Listings (they cannot publish them).


Role with the ability to do anything, reserved for the college Web team.

Learn More

Karen McGrane on Editorial Workflow a discuss about building editorial interfaces for large CMS projects, the challenge of bridging online process with offline reality, and the fact that Microsoft Word will never, ever die.

Technical details about style options in the Rich Text Editor are available in the instructions for contractors section.