Rich Text Editor Tips

  • Lines and paragraphs are automatically recognized. The <br /> line break, <p> paragraph and </p> close paragraph tags are inserted automatically. [shift+return=line break (single space) &  return= paragraph break] If paragraphs are not recognized or fantom paragraphs appear, contact the COFA Web team.
  • Web page addresses and e-mail addresses, typed on the page, turn into links automatically.
  • The HTML code to create a citation is allowed in the Title field. E.g.,  Andrew Hinderaker’s <cite>Colossal</cite> Earns Rave Reviews

Standard Rich Text Editor Buttons

Basic Functions

bold button Strong      Italic button Emphasis
The strong and emphasis tags use the bold and italic icons. Emphasis and strong provide more semantic guidance for the device displaying the content. For example, a screen reader will verbalize strength or emphasis. Learn the semantic differences that create italic and bold styled text.

Left, Center or Right justify buttons Left, Center or Right justify
Right and Center justify will place a class of rteright or rtecenter on the selected content. Left justify will remove any classes.

Ordered list (numbered), Unordered list (bulleted) buttons Ordered list (numbered), Unordered list (bulleted)

Link and Unlink buttons Link, Unlink –  Tips for using the Link Button.

Anchor flagAnchor – Add a named anchor at a specific point in the text that can be linked to.

Media button Media (insert images and documents)

Horizontal rule buttonHorizontal rule   blockquote buttonBlock quote   superscript buttonSuperscript   subscript buttonSubscript


Format drop-down button Format drop-down
Insert headings or format text as a normal paragraph. Headings should follow the hierarchy of your content outline. By default the page title is Heading 1. Heading 2 should always precede heading 3 and so on. Never skip from heading 2 to heading 4.

Styles drop-down button Styles drop-down
Read more below about the variety of different styles and formatting options.

Editing Tools

Remove formatting button Remove formatting
If anything ever goes wrong try selecting the area and removing the formatting.

Show blocks button Show blocks
A tool to help you edit, this button adds temporary guidelines around pieces of content, revealing blocks of content wrappers such as paragraphs, header tags and blockquotes. The guidelines are not part of the final display output by the page. Learn more about Block level HTML elements.

Insert Paragraph Here
hover-over pops up a line to insert the paragraph
Hovering at the right edger of field watch for the “Insert paragraph here” indicator to make sure you are clearing all preceding block level content. Learn more about Block level HTML elements.

Cut and Copy buttons Cut and Copy      Undo and Redo buttons Undo and Redo      search buttonSearch

Paste and Paste as Plain Text buttons Paste and Paste as Plain Text
Always use Paste as Plain Text when pasting from Microsoft Word, email or any other interface to strip out unwanted hidden coding or formatting.

Special characters button Special characters
Allows you to include characters such as umlauts and ampersands. If the language of your content changes please provide the proper language encoding. In most fields, including first and last name fields, it’s safe to simply type the keyboard command to insert common special characters but always check in numerous browsers.

Div - style inserting button Create Div Container
Select an area to put in a wrapper and select this button to add a style (CSS) class to the selected area. Read about these advanced stylistic options.

Quality Checkers

spellcheck button SpellcheckAlways use before you save!

Check Accessibility button Accessibility Always use before you save! Learn about legal requirements of Web accessibility.

View HTML Source Code button Source – View and edit the HTML code.
Allowed Tags: <a><abbr><em><strong><cite><blockquote><ul><ol><li><span><p><div><h2><h3><h4><img><sub><sup><br /><hr><wbr>
There are some features of the site that will require you to edit the source code. Check out the HTML page to learn about these features and some other times you will want to edit the code.

Styles Drop-Down

Clear floated Elements – Use this option when you want the text to stop wrapping around an image that has been “floated” on the left or right.

Bigger Text – make text bigger

Fine Print – make the text smaller

Cited work – make the title of a work of art, performance or publication italicized.

First Paragraph – visually distinguish the first paragraph on a page.

Button – create a link and then use this option to make it a button.

Advanced Rich Text Editor

If there’s something special you want to do in the editor, like insert a data table or embed from YouTube, contact us to discuss the Advanced rich text editor input format.

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