Menus & Paths

Content Administrators have the ability to edit the menu navigation items and create custom URL path addresses .

Be Aware of issues around trying to add a duplicate menu item to a page within the site and with changing URL path addresses after content is already “live”.

The College of Fine Arts Web instruction site includes some information about best practices for site organization and helping visitors find their way that will help you make good decisions about your menus and navigation. It’s also helpful to understand the security protocol for Hyper Text Transfer especially when sharing or linking to paths or embedding content.

Top Level Navigation Items

A great deal of strategy went into determining the items and the item labels of the top-level menu navigation of your site. The responsive design of the website only allows for a certain number of characters. Before making a change to any of these top-level items, you’re encouraged to reach out to the Public Relations specialist in your department and/or the COFA Web team.

Navigation Labels

On occasion it may make sense to create a navigation item that does not open a page.  Instead it simply opens the sub-navigation items. We sometimes call these dummy links. If this functionality is something you are interested in, please contact the COFA Web team.

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