Database vs. Code

Contemporary Web best practices separate the content of a website from the styles or behaviors that may be applied to it.

Through the Browser you will create content by editing Web forms. The content is saved in the database. You will use the Rich Text Editor to apply semantic structure to your content but the stylistic look applied to it will be in a CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) page that is saved in the code of the website. If something you create, like a header, doesn’t look right, contact the COFA Web team so they can fix the style in the CSS.

We want the site to have a uniform look and feel so do not try to apply colors or font-faces that are not part of the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

Another important thing to understand is that some requests that you make of the Web team will be completed quickly by editing the configurations in the database while other requests will require code edits and may take longer.

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