Create Content

All Drupal sites will have a Basic Page content type. Most of the pages in the site navigation will be Basic Pages. It’s a generic template for entering singular content like the About Page.

Most sites will have other types of content that perform specific functions. Examples include:

  • Directory/Profile
  • News
  • Event
  • Homepage Feature
  • Slideshow

To Create a New Piece of Content

The steps to create all the content types are the same. Simply click the link to “Create” the kind of content you want in the Dashboard or from the Menu at the top of the page click “Add Content” and then select the type of content.

Before you hit Save, select the Status for your draft in the Revision Information section. If you are a Content Administrator you can go directly to the Published Status or keep the content in the Draft (current) Status to continue working on later. You may also set it to the Needs Review Status in order to bring it to the attention of another editor.

If you have the user access role of Content Administrator, you may want to consider  the URL path address and menu settings.

Editing content that already exists is a little different.


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