Tabular Data

Advanced content editors who have been granted the, “Content Administrator Advanced” user role, can add tabular data that is accessible to people using assistive technology and is responsive on small devices to any page on the website, as long as they first switch the field to use the Advanced Text Format. See the Advanced Rich Text Editor page for instructions.


  1. Create or edit the page that you wish to add the table to.
  2. At the bottom of the Rich Text Editor field, change the “Text format” selection to “Advanced”
  3. A new icon will be added to the Rich Text Editor Table icon. Click it.
  4. In the pop up, select the number of rows and columns.
    Interface for entering table properties
  5. Required: You must include headers to make the table accessible.
  6. Required: You must include a caption to  make the table accessible. A caption is like a heading for a table. Screen readers announce the content of captions. This helps users to find a table and understand what it’s about, and decide if they want to read it.
  7. Summary is not recommended. A summary conveys information about the organization of the data in a table and helps users navigate it. A summary is usually only needed for complex tables.
  8. Edits to the width, height, cell spacing or padding and alignment will have no effect on the table.