Vocabulary Terms

The following is a list of terms for our Drupal websites. Visit this list of general Web related terms.

  • Aggregated List/View  – Unique Content Types, other than the basic page, usually create a view or aggregated list of that content type, like the News landing page.
  • Content Types –  For each type of content on your website there’s a different form. The forms are called Content Types. Typical content types include the Basic Page, News, Events, Profiles and Homepage Slides, but most sites will have additional custom Content Types like, Ensembles.
  • Moderation State – There are three states to which a piece of content can be assigned. Content Administrators can assign it to Draft (current), Needs Review or Published. Content Contributors can assign it to Draft (current) and Needs Review but cannot Published.
  • Revisions – each time the page is edited a new revision is created. If a page is put in the Draft state the new revision will not be published. Revisions are accessed using the Moderate tab next to View and Edit tabs. You can revert back to older revisions should you discover something is incorrect. On the Moderate page you can also compare Revisions.
  • Summary/Teaser – Every piece of content will have a Summary field that you must fill in. It is commonly displayed in Aggregated lists/Views along with the Title linking to the full page display. The summary is also used as the description for search results.

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