Social Media & Networks

There are various ways to incorporate social media and networks into your Web site.

Like & Share

Social Widgets example

Social Widgets example

A Facebook, Twitter and Google+ social widget has been added to each page and post of your website. The widget allows visitors to share links to your pages or posts on these social networks.  Please let us know if you wish for us to disable this feature.

Links to Social Media

Social Icons example

Social Icons example

Icons that link to your social media websites can be included in the footer of your site. Just email your social media URL Web addresses to the COFA Web team.


Theatre and Dance Blog Twitter Display

Send us your Twitter account information so we can display your Tweets in the sidebar. We will help make sure it is accessible by increasing the color contrast. You will need to follow these instructions to make images in Twitter posts accessible.

Social Bookmarking

Sociable Bookmarking Example

Sociable Zyblog example

Ask your site administrator or the COFA Web team to enable a widget that automatically adds links on your site to popular social bookmarking sites including Digg, Delicious and Reddit.

Promote Your Social Media & Networks

Let us know if you have a  social network  and would like to be added to our list of social networks and blogs. The university website also keeps a Social Media Directory.

Learn More

The Fine Arts Web Instruction site contains more information about Social Media and Networking.

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