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Read the Information Security Office’s Cloud Services guide on the risks of data mining, advertising, security, privacy and reliability before using externally provided Web services.

Let us know if you have a  social network  and would like to be added to our list of social networks and blogs.

If you have a website make sure to include a link to your social networks. Some social networks have an application programming interface (API) that can be leveraged by your website to display information from the social network. Sometimes, it’s simply copying a bit of code (called embed code or widgets) and pasting it onto your website. If you’re interested in finding ways to better incorporate and promote your social networks let us know. Our WordPress website owners have some social media sharing options.

Public relations staff in your department can assist if you have questions about social networks and how to use them.

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Social Media in the Journal of Higher Education Web Professionals. Consider attending Social Media Week conference that happens once a year in Austin. You can learn a lot from Facebook Business (formerly Blueprint). Hootsuite is a tool to help manage social networks and has a free plan.
Articles of Interest: Ideal Image Sizes for Social Media and Is Your Use of Social Media FERPA Compliant?

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