Add Media from External Services

Many external services provide an Application Programing Interface (API) to allow you to grab a piece of code and put it on another website which will display content from the external service. WordPress makes some of this content exchange easy. Streaming audio and video is as easy as pasting a URL address. Flickr and Twitter require a plugin.

Due to security concerns some embed codes, such as from Ustream, are not allowed without assistance from the university Information Technology team. Send your request for these embed codes to

Before You Start

Images and media must adhere to legal requirements and policies of the university.

Streaming Audio & Video

To put streaming content on your website from an external services like YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud simply WordPress does allow you to simply insert the video or audio link address on a line by itself. While it differs from site to site, you can usually produce a link by clicking a Share Link. Unfortunately this option does not pass current web accessibility standards.

In order for your video to be considered accessible your embed needs a title attribute. To do this, utilize the WordPress embed short code with a title attribute, as you see in the image below.

Example of YouTube embed code with title attribute.

The title attribute serves a similar purpose as Alternate Text does for an image. Use all the same standards for developing a video title attribute as you would for creating image ALT text. For a refresher,  visit our guidelines for developing good Alternate Text on our instructions page.

Watch our Image Optimization tutorial:


It’s always a good idea to have an alternate way to access multimedia.  We suggest adding a link to the video on YouTube or other service.

The Video Thumbnail Feature

Blog or news posts with streaming video will automatically generate a thumbnail image.

The Video Thumbnail Feature

The Video Thumbnail Feature

Plugin Required

Flickr Gallery

This feature, available upon request, allows you to display images from your Flickr account within the content of your WordPress site.

Unlike our other embeddable media options, Flickr Gallery requires you to type a short-code into the body of your website where you want your gallery to appear. After the plugin has been activated, simply type  [flickr-gallery] to insert the Flickr gallery of choice into the body of your website content. Because this feature requires some initial set-up, please contact your site administrator or the Web Team if you are interested in activating this feature.

The Flickr Gallery Feature

The Flickr Gallery Feature, embedded on a WordPress page

Twitter Feed

This feature can display the latest Tweets from your Twitter account within the sidebar of your WordPress site. You can email us your Twitter account information if you are interested in enabling this feature. We will help make sure it is accessible by increasing the color contrast. You will need to follow these instructions to make images in Twitter posts accessible.

Theatre and Dance Blog Twitter Display

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