The Web team is committed to helping produce websites that meet legal requirements and policies of the university. Included below are links to the sources of relevant requirements.  The Web team members are not experts on the laws or policies and do not enforce them. You are responsible for the content on your website.

The university’s Chief Information Officer provides a list of Campus IT Policies which requires all university websites to follow the Web Privacy Policy and Web Accessibility Policy. These policies protect confidential information and require reasonable efforts to ensure that persons with disabilities may access our websites, respectively. On this site we provide instruction to help content writers meet the Web Accessibility Policy and the related American’s with Disabilities Act.

Adhere to the guides for your department, the college and university:

Adhere to the Information Security Office (ISO) Policies:

You’re required to include a copyright with the link to the university homepage and current year. It goes without saying but copyright materials, trademarks and other intellectual property may not be used without permission. If using student images or information, contact the public relations staff in your department for a student release form or create your own from this example (PDF 34kb).  Qualtrics can be used to create accessible online forms.

If you are aware of any additional requirements, please bring them to our attention.

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We recommend taking The Copyright Crash Course and visiting the university’s Compliance Services References and Resources list. Read FAQs on Photos and Videos under FERPA from the U.S. Department of Education.

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