National University of Singapore, Department of Chemistry
Singapore, February 14
F. A. Cotton Medal Award Symposium
Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, March 26
Chinese University of Hong Kong, Department of Chemistry
Hong Kong, April 10
University of California at Berkeley, Department of Chemistry
Berkeley, CA, April 29
University of California at Davis, Department of Chemistry
Davis, CA, May 15
PARP-2008, The 17th International Symposium on Poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation
Tucson, AZ, May 29
The 7th US-Japan Binational Seminar on Biosynthesis of Natural Products:
Enzymology, Structural Biology, and Drug Discovery, La Jolla, CA, June 22-26
University of Orleans, Department of Chemistry
Orleans, France, July 1
The 2nd Trends in Enzymology Conference
St. Malo, France, July 2-5
Annual Meeting of the Society for Industrial Microbiology
Symposium on Natural Product Biosynthesis and Engineering
San Diego, CA, August 10-14
The 236th American Chemical Society National Meeting
Repligen Award Symposium in Chemistry of Biological Processes
Philadelphia, PA, August 17-21
Boston University, Department of Chemistry
Boston, MA, September 15
The 2nd International Interdisciplinary Conference on Vitamins, Coenzymes,
and Biofactors
University of Georgia, Athens, GA, October 26-31
Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine,
Department of Pharmacology & Molecular Sciences
Baltimore, MD, February 11
University of West Virginia, Department of Chemistry
Morgantown, WV, March 11
University of Pittsburgh, Department of Chemistry
Pittsburgh, PA, March 12
Georgia State University, Department of Chemistry
Atlanta, GA, April 17
Northwestern University, Department of Chemistry
Evanston, IL, April 23
Agriculture Biotechnology Research Center, Academia Sinica
Taipei, Taiwan, September 14
The 12th International Symposium and Workshop of the Society of
Chinese Bioscientists in America
Taipei, Taiwan, June 15-18
The 5th Sino-US Chemistry Professor Conference, Plenary Lecture
Lanzhou, China, June 28-30
The 9th Biotrans Conference, Plenary Lecture
Berne, Switzerland, July 5-9
The 238th American Chemical Society National Meeting
Wolfrom, Isbell, New Investigator Awards Symposium
Washington, DC, August 16
Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy fo Sciences
Dalian, China, September 11
Cornell University, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Ithaca, NY, September 24
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Chemistry
Cambridge, MA, October 5
Ian Scott Award in Chemistry in Honor of Professor Chris Walsh
Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, October 22
Dow AgroSciences LLC, BioProcess R&D
Indianapolis, IN, November 2
The 7th International Symposium for Chinese Medicinal Chemists
(ISCMC-2010), Plenary Lecture
Kaoshiung, Taiwan, February 1-5
University of Wisconsin, School of Pharmacy
Madison, WI, April 23
The 33rd Brazilian Chemical Society Annual Meeting (RASBQ)
Sao Paulo, Brazil, May 27-30
Symposium for the Newly Elected Academicians
in the Life Sciences Division, Academia Sinica
Taipei, Taiwan, July 2
Gordon Research Conference on Enzymes, Coenzymes,
and Metabolic Pathways
Waterville Valley, NH, July 18-22
University of New Mexico, Department of Chemistry & Chemistry Biology
Abuquerque, NM, April 29
The Integration of Bioorganic and Organic Synthesis (IBOS) Conference
Lunteren, Netherlands, May 15-17
National Tsing Hua University, Department of Chemistry
Hsin Chu, Taiwan, June 30
The 17th International Symposium on Flavins and Flavoproteins
Berkeley, CA, July 24-29
North Carolina State University, Department of Chemistry
Raleigh, NC, August 26
Symposium of Ian Scott Medal Award in Chemistry
Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, October 7
University of Michigan, Department of Biological Chemistry
Ann Arbor, MI, November 1
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, Department of Chemistry
& Chemistry Biology
Indianapolis, IN, November 2
American Chemical Society Southwest Regional Meeting (SWRM 2011)
Natural Product Biosynthesis Symposium
Austin, TX, November 9-12
Royal Society Lecture, University of Warwick, Department of Chemistry
Warwick, UK, November 17
University of Warwick, Chemical Biology Program
Warwick, UK, November 18