University of Texas of Austin, Department of Medicinal Chemistry
Austin, TX, February 21
Wayne State University, Department of Chemistry
Detroit, MI, March 24
Frontiers in Chemical Research Seminar Program
Texas A & M University, Department of Chemistry
College Station, TX, March 27-29
Pfizer Inc., Central Research Division
Groton, CT, March 31
University of Texas of Austin, Department of Chemistry
Austin, TX, April 10
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Department of Chemistry
Tokyo, Japan, May 24
Goto Memorial Lecture, Symposium on Bioorganic Chemistry
Nagoya, Japan, May 26-27
Distinguished Alumni Lectureship, Tunghai University
Taichung, Taiwan, May 29-June 3
Brown University, Department of Chemistry
Providence, RI, September 15
Genetics & Molecular Biology of Industrial Microorganisms (GMBIM-2000)
Symposium on Engineering Production of Metabolites
Bloomington, IN, October 15-19
Pacifichem 2000, Symposium on Biosynthesis of Natural Products
Honolulu, Hawaii, December 14-19
University of Alberta, Department of Chemistry
Edmonton, AL, Canada, January 15
International Conference on Drug Development (ICDD)
Austin, TX, February 5-7
University of California Davis, Department of Chemistry
Davis, CA, March 20
University of California San Francisco, Biophysics, Chemistry and Chemical
Biology Seminar Program, San Francisco, CA, March 22
University of Michigan, Chemical Biology Cluster Seminar
Ann Arbor, MI, March 27
Indiana University, Department of Chemistry
Bloomington, IN, April 16
University of Illinois, Department of Chemistry
Urbana Champagne, IL, April 18
The 36th Euchem Conference on Stereochemistry, Brgenstock Conference
2001, Brgenstock, Switzerland, April 28-May 4
International Conference on Fundamental Sciences: Chemical and Biological
Sciences, Singapore, May 21-24
The 6th US-Japan Binational Workshop on Learning Natures Strategies for
Making Natural Products: Pathways, Mechanisms, Functional Genomics
and Biosynthetic Applications
Alyeska, Alaska, June 24-29
Symposium on Molecular Technology for Drug Discovery and Synthesis
Hong Kong, July 19-20
Annual Meeting of the Society for Industrial Microbiology
Symposium on Chemistry and Genomics of Actinomycete Scecondary Metabolite Pathway
St. Louis, MO, July 30
The 12th International Symposium on the Biology of Actinomycetes
(ISBA 2001), Antibiotic Biosynthesis Session
Vancouver, BC, Canada, August 8
The 221st American Chemical Society National Meeting
Glycobiochemistry Symposium
Chicago, IL, August 26
Scripps Research Institute, Department of Chemistry
La Jolla, CA, April 11
IUBMB Symposium on Vitamin B6 and PQQ Dependent Enzymes
Southampton, England, April 14-19
The 85th Canadian Chemical Society Conference and Exhibition
Enzyme Mechanisms Symposium
Vancouver, BC, Canada, June 2
The 85th Canadian Chemical Society Conference and Exhibition
Glycochemistry and Glycobiochemistry Symposium
Vancouver, BC, Canada, June 4
Institute de Chimie des Substances Naturelles, CNRS
Gif-sur-Yvette, France, June 13
The XXIst International Carbohydrate Symposium
Cairns, Australia, July 7-12
Gordon Research Conference on Enzymes, Coenzymes
and Metabolic Pathways
Meriden, NH, July 21-26
MPM Symposium on Glycomics
La Jolla, CA, September 30
The 3rd International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry, Plenary Lecture
Hong Kong, December 26-30
Rice University, Department of Chemistry
Houston, TX, March 17
Cornell University, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Ithaca, NY, April 7
2003 ASBMB Meeting, Symposium on Complex Biological Oxidations
San Diego, CA, April 11-15
The 91th National Meeting of the Korean Chemical Society
Seoul, Korea, April 18-19
Workshop on Recent Research of Actinomycete Molecular Biology
Sun Moon University, Cheonan, Korea, April 21
Chonnam National University, Department of Genetic Engineering
and Institute of Biotechnology
Kwangju, Korea, April 22
ETH H ggerberg, Laboratorium fr Organische Chemie
Zrich, Switzerland, May 19
Steenbock Symposium
University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, May 30-June 1
Asian Federation for Medicinal Chemistry (AFMC)
The 5th International Medicinal Chemistry Symposium (AIMECS 03)
Kyoto, Japan, October 14-17
TOMECS International Symposium
Toyama, Japan, October 18-19
Kyoto University, Institute for Chemical Research
Uji, Japan, October 20
University of Mississippi Medical Center, Department of Biochemistry
Jackson, MS, October 30
University of Arizona, Department of Medicinal Chemistry
Tucson, AZ, November 20
Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry
Shanghai, China, December 19