University of Minnesota, Department of Medicinal Chemistry
Minneapolis, MN, February 16
Lederle Laboratories, American Cyanamid Company
Pearl River, March 8
Columbia University, Department of Chemistry
New York, NY, March 9
Gray Freshwater Biological Institute, University of Minnesota
Minnetonka, MN, June 7
The 2nd International Symposium and Workshop of the Society of
Chinese Bioscientists in America
Berkeley, CA, June 30
Joint Meeting of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular
Biology and the American Society for Cell Biology
San Francisco, CA, January 30
Harvard Medical School, Department of Biological Chemistry and Molecular
Pharmacology, Boston, MA, May 8
Princeton University, Department of Chemistry
Princeton, NJ, May 9
State University of New York at Stony Brook, Department of Chemistry
Stony Brook, May 10
Columbia University, Department of Chemistry
New York, NY, May 11
Northwestern University, Department of Chemistry
Evanston, IL, June 1
University of Chicago, Department of Chemistry
Chicago, IL, June 2
University of Washington, Department of Chemistry
Seattle, WA, September 28
University of Oregon, Department of Chemistry
Eugene, OR, September 29
University of California at Berkeley, Department of Chemistry
Berkeley, CA, October 10
University of Minnesota, Department of Chemistry
Minneapolis, MN, November 2
University of Waterloo, Department of Chemistry
Waterloo, OT, Canada, March 29
National Yang-ming Medical College, Department of Biochemistry
Taipei, Taiwan, April 12
Tunghai University, Department of Chemistry
Taichung, Taiwan, April 13
National Tsin-Hua University, Department of Chemistry
Hsin-Chu, Taiwan, April 17
National Taiwan University, Department of Chemistry
Taipei, Taiwan, April 18
Academia Sinica, Institute of Chemistry
Taipei, Taiwan, April 19
Development Center for Biotechnology
Taipei, Taiwan, April 20
University of Tsukuba, Department of Chemistry
Tsukuba, Japan, May 9
Tokyo College of Pharmacy, Department of Chemistry
Hachioji, Japan, May 10
Nippon Roche K.K., Department of Medicinal Chemistry
Kamakura, Japan, May 11
Kyoto University, Institute for Chemical Research
Uji, Japan, May 15
Ciba-Geigy (Japan), International Research Laboratories (IRL)
Takarazuka, Japan, May 16
Suntory Institute for Bioorganic Research (SUNBOR)
Osaka, Japan, May 18
Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN)
Laboratory of Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Saitama, Japan, May 21
Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Chemistry
Beijing, China, May 24
Peking University, Faculty of Organic Chemistry
Beijing, China, May 28
Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Photographic Chemistry
Beijing, China, May 28
Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry
Shanghai, China, May 30
Fudam University, Department of Chemistry
Shanghai, China, June 4
The 9th International Symposium on the Life Sciences
Ohtsu, Japan, October 31
Eli Lilly & Company
Indianapolis, IN, November 6
Cornell University, Department of Chemistry
Ithaca, NY, February 11
Sandoz Research Institute
East Hanover, NJ, March 22
The Free Radical Gordon Research Conference
New London, NH, July 24
The XIth Midwest Enzyme Chemistry Conference
Chicago, IL, October 12
The St. Thomas College, Department of Chemistry
St. Paul, MN, November 15