Shorten a URL for Marketing

Print or Twitter

The university has its own short links service, similar to Bitly or,that can be used with any address, like or It can also be used with Qualtrics forms. Use it to create a short address to use in printed materials, Twitter or other places where a shorter URL is advisable.

Other Marketing

You may decide that you need a short memorable domain name, sometimes called a Vanity Domain Name, that you want to purchase from a place like Network Solutions or GoDaddy and have it forwarded to a specific page on your website. The Web team doesn’t assist with this. You will need to manage the credentials and payment. We recommend you use Stache and share the information with more than one person on your team and do not schedule auto-payments.

You are encouraged to point the domain name that you buy to a path built with Google’s Campaign URL Builder so you can track traffic to the path in Google Analytics. If you do not, traffic will usually look like it came to the site direct.