Hierarchical Headers

In our WordPress sites Heading 1 is used for all page titles.  A Web page should only have one Heading 1 but may have several sub-topics hierarchically appropriate for Heading 2. Never skip from Heading 1 to Heading 3.

For each website a designer has determined how the Headers will look and be differentiated from each other. Use Headers to create a consistent stylistic presentation for your visitors.

Extra BenefitSearch engines, like Google, weigh headers higher in results than bold text. They do not like pages with multiple Header 1’s. Screen readers, used by visually impaired visitors, present the content in a more structured way that is easier for non-visual navigation.

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Write compelling well-written headlines. Meet Content article, Introducing  Your Content: Page Titles and HeadingsThe use of proper syntax and hierarchical tagging in the Web community is commonly called Semantic Web.

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