Analytics & Visitor Data

We use Google Analytics to track traffic on our websites. Contact your department’s Public Relations staff for data or to gain access with your own Gmail account, send it to the COFA Web team.

What You Can Learn From Analytics

Data analysis can be complex but we try to make it simple by providing a Core Analytics report dashboard for each site. We can easily send you a report about the number of visitors, pages they are visiting, how long they’re spending on the site, where they’re coming from and where they’re going. Anyone can contact us to get this report for any of the websites. 

If you want to dig deeper we’ve developed a matrix of common question and how to find the data.

How to Improve Site Search Ranking

Tips to help people find your website and make search engines, like Google, weigh your site higher in results.

Learn More

It’s important for the data to have context. The Nielsen Norman Group article, Translating UX Goals into Analytics Measurement Plans is a good place to start.

Find comparison data from international research of Internet trends and users at The Pew Internet & American Life Project.

If you’re ready to dig in to the data check out the Google Analytics guide at York University, sign up to receive a Google Analytics Tip of the Day or take Google’s Google Analytics Training. Explore the Google Analytics Solution Gallery to see all the different possibilities of data analysis that can be achieved.

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