Tips to Increase Traffic

There are several things you can do to help people find your website and make search engines, like Google, weigh your site higher in results:

  1. Use standard compliant code that is well formatted with headings.
  2. Use keywords, phrases and terms that you believe people will be searching for.
  3. Use contextual links, in other words, use keywords in your links.
  4. Use keywords in your headers.
  5. Ask affiliated sites to link to you.
  6. Cross link between pages on your site. Provide more links to the most important content.
  7. Update the content on your site often.
  8. Adhere to accessibility guidelines. Search engines, like Google, rate sites higher when accessibility features are in place.
  9. Write contextual alternate text for images using keywords.
  10. Use descriptive file names.

Learn More

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