URL address names

In some cases you won’t have a whole lot of control over your the URL address of the pages you create. The Content Management System will simply append the title of the page to the root of the address.

Best Practices

  • Many of the same rules apply to computer file names of items like images and documents that you upload.
    • Be unique
    • Use alpha-numeric characters – US-ASCII characters (universally displayable, unaccented characters)
    • Use dash to delimit elements
    • Have no punctuation or special characters like: ! # $ % & ‘ @ ^ ` ~ + , . ; = ) ( \ / : * ? “ < > | [ ]
    • Have no spaces
  • Only use lower case
  • Readable by humans
  • Keywords Never Hurt
  • Follow the menu path

Shorten the URL

The university has its own short links service, similar to Bitly or tinyurl.com,that can be used with any utexas.edu address, like finearts.utexas.edu or landmarks.utexas.edu. Use it to create a short address to use in printed materials, Twitter or other places where a shorter URL is advisable.

Learn More

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