RSS & Feeds

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. It’s a protocol designed to allow viewers of frequently updated websites to know when those sites have been updated without having to visit the site and check manually.

RSS sends a notification as new content is posted to anyone subscribed. You can subscribe to multiple websites and receive all of the notifications in one place. People who read multiple blogs and news websites see RSS as the perfect way to keep up with what their favorite commentators are saying, without having to go to multiple websites individually.

In order for you to subscribe to a RSS feed you will need an RSS reader. Below are links to reader programs for Windows, Macintosh, iOS and Android platforms, available for free download. These are not pieces of software supported or endorsed by the College of Fine Arts or the University of Texas at Austin. They are free programs written by third-party software vendors, and any problems you may encounter while running them should be taken up with their makers.

Free RSS Readers

If you like to use the Web to stay up on current events, but dislike the amount of time staying informed can take, then RSS is for you.

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