Student Laptop Recommendations

The Campus Computer Store advises university departments about what their recommendations to students should be based on computing and processing needs of classes within the department and types of software frequently used. Based on their recommendations, students in the School of Nursing are encouraged to have laptops which include the hardware and software described below.

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Hardware Spec Minimum Recommended
Operating system Mac OS X 10.10 or better

Windows 7 or better

Processor Intel Core i5 series Intel Core i7 series or better
Memory RAM: 4GB RAM: 8GB
Hard Drive 128GB 256GB SSD (solid state)
Display 11-inch screen or larger, at least 1366×768 resolution
Ports Minimum of 1 USB Port 2-3 USB ports
Video Card Integrated
Wireless 802.11 a/g/n
Microphone Built-in or external
Camera/webcam Built-in or external



Web Browsers:

To access Web pages and Canvas course materials you may use:



Individual programs and applications used as a part of your course may only work with specific Web browsers. For example, Proctorio, which is used for remote exam proctoring, only works with Google Chrome.


Lockdown Browsers and Remote Proctoring:

Many courses within the School of Nursing conduct remotely-proctored tests which means that certain software must be installed and enabled on your computer. Additionally, some exams will require a “locked down browser”, meaning that certain browser features will be disabled, such as the ability to open additional tabs or take screenshots.

Proctorio is the School’s preferred tool for both lockdown browsers and remote proctoring. Students taking a Canvas course using Proctorio must have the following installed on their laptop computers:

Please note that Proctorio does not work on tablets or smartphones. It is only available on laptop or desktop computers.

Click here to learn more about Proctorio. 


Anti-Virus Software:

In order to protect your privacy and the security of UT systems, it is strongly recommended that you install anti-virus software on your laptop and ensure that it is regularly updated.

The Information Security Office (ISO) endorses the following options for PC and Mac users:

Immunet (PC)

For personally owned computers, the free online Immunet anti-virus software is recommended.

Sophos & Avast (Mac)

For personally owned Mac computers, the free online Sophos or Avast anti-virus software is recommended.

Click here for more details from the ISO.

If you have additional questions regarding information security or privacy, contact the ISO:


Campus Wifi:

Students, faculty and staff have access to the university’s wifi network for all on-compus computer needs.

Every student has free, unlimited access to campus wifi.

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