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Wireless Clickers / Laser Pointers in the School of Nursing

Beginning in the Spring 2020 semester, the School of Nursing can no longer provide clickers/laser pointers to faculty the way that we have in the past. Why?

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A Curated Toolkit for Instructors

The Faculty Innovation Center (FIC) recently unveiled a new website full of resources just for you! Called “QUICK FIC Solutions – A Curated Toolkit for Instructors”, this website contains more than 50 short videos that will show you tips and best

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Getting Started with Kahoot!

One thing instructors frequently mention is a lack of student engagement in their classes. Or, they’re looking for ways to increase interaction with and between students. Maybe instead, you’re looking for a way to “check in” with your students during

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Classroom Response Systems

If you’re looking for ways to increase interactivity and get more student feedback in your courses, classroom response systems are a great tool and there are lots of options available to you. This article will cover some pros and cons

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