“Zoombombing” and What You Can Do About It

A small number of UT faculty have reported unknown, and uninvited “guests” showing up at random in their Zoom meetings. And a small number of universities have also reported what’s now being called “Zoombombing”.

The chances of this happening to you are very low. But, it’s a good idea to know what steps you can take to prevent it in the first place AND what to do in case it DOES happen.

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Office Hours in Zoom

Now that Zoom is enabled in all your Canvas courses, you have a couple different options available to you when it comes time to schedule office hours.

But what’s the best option?

Should you schedule your Zoom meetings for office hours in Canvas? Or, should you do so from the Zoom website?

There are pros and cons in either case. So, to help you decide, I’ve created this short (10 min.) video to walk you through the steps involved in both options.

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Please disable the Panopto Video link in your Canvas course(s).

Please disable the Panopto Video link in your Canvas course(s). Instructions below.

Yesterday, 3/24/2020, the University enabled a new tool called Panopto in every Canvas course.

However, under the circumstances, you probably don’t have hours of free time to spend learning how to use it. So my recommendation to you is that you disable Panopto in all your Canvas courses until further notice.

To do that, follow the simple steps illustrated in this 2-minute video, or the 6 steps listed below:


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Open Office Hours

Do you need any help preparing for online teaching?

Beginning Tuesday, 3/23, I will be available via Zoom EVERYDAY from 3 – 5 pm for Open Office Hours.
If you have ANY questions about Zoom, Canvas, powerpoint, Proctorio, screencasts, or anything else, feel free to drop in.
If you need a 1-on-1 consultation where we can focus more on your specific needs, please schedule a meeting with me in Outlook (my calendar is publicly available).
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Voiceover PowerPoints Made Easy


You need to add narration to a PowerPoint slideshow but you don’t know where to start.


This 1 minute, video is a great, simple introduction:

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You need help. So, what now?

ghostbusters logo

You need help. But, who do you call?


Especially now that we’re all working remotely, when you need help, it’s not always clear whom to contact. So, here are some guidelines that might help.

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Online Teaching Resources


Given the circumstances of what’s been happening around the world within the last few weeks, it’s safe to assume that what follows on this page is subject to change. That said, this is one of the resources available to you as you begin preparing to teach your classes completely on line beginning March 30th.


Evaluate and Revise Your Syllabus

Update any instructions around participation, assignments/deadlines, and other topics.

Submit a Course Plan for Instructional Continuity for each class you teach. The university must have this document for accreditation and other compliance purposes.

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Online Teaching Workshop

Are you ready for classes to resume on March 30th? Are you ready to teach and conduct business completely online?

All Nursing faculty and staff are invited in person or virtually to a workshop where we will explore new online teaching and communication tools like Zoom and all the other resources available to help you prepare to begin teaching your classes online later this month.

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Preparing to Teach Online


To help you prepare for the likelihood that most of our classes need to be conducted online once we return from Spring Break on the 30th, here are some resources available right now as well as a few others that will become available within the next two weeks:

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Virtual Teaching and Campus Disruptions

By now, we are all aware of the public health issues affecting our campus, our city, and beyond. As this crisis continues to evolve, we will continue working to support Nursing faculty and students alike. So, as you plan your own strategies for continuing instruction, please consider the following options and recommendations:



Develop a Plan

The Faculty Innovation Center, working with partners from all over campus, has developed this online resource to provide you with all the information necessary to develop a plan specific to your courses and your needs to allow you to continue teaching in the event of campus closure or other disruptions: https://facultyinnovate.utexas.edu/continue-teaching-during-campus-disruptions. Or, contact me any time if you’d like some assistance developing your “virtual teaching strategy”.

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