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Conferencing & Live Streaming (Zoom)
Online Testing
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File Sharing & Cloud Storage

UT Box

UTBox is a campus-wide service that allows faculty, staff, and students at the University of Texas at Austin to use Box cloud-based file sharing for business and academic purposes. UTBox can be accessed from the UT Box home page.

Click here to learn more about UT Box.


Google Apps

Google Apps is another free file sharing app that allows faculty and staff to share and collaborate on file much like UT Box. In addition to storing and sharing any type of file, Google also allows you to create documents, slideshows, spreadsheets, forms, and more.

Click here to learn more about Google Apps.

Conferencing & Live Streaming


Zoom is the most user-friendly of the web conferencing tools currently available at UT. One of the best things about Zoom is that ANYONE can use it, faculty, students, staff, guest speakers, you name it. If you don’t already have a Zoom account, click here to get started:

Click here to learn more about Zoom.

Or, take a deeper dive into Zoom here.


Big Blue Button

Built right in to Canvas (under the Conferences tab), BigBlueButton is a virtual conferencing platform that allows you to schedule, and conduct virtual presentations, lectures, and conferences. It even has the ability to record sessions and save the recording for up to 2 weeks. Since it’s built in to your Canvas course, attendees of your virtual sessions must be enrolled in your course.

Click here to learn more about BigBlueButton.

Or, take a deeper dive into BigBlueButton here.


Adobe connect

Adobe Connect is the web conferencing tool supported and paid for by UT. Though it is a very powerful tool, it does have a substantial learning curve and can take some getting used to for many users. Only faculty and staff at UT can create meetings in Adobe Connect. Students do not have the ability to initiate virtual meetings with this tool.

Online Testing


Remote Proctoring


Proctorio is the “remote proctoring” tool used here in the School for many but not all quizzes and exams.

Click here to learn more about Proctorio.

Or, click here to take a deeper dive.

Online Discussions & Community

More info coming soon…

Classroom Response Systems

Note: now that UT has invested time and resources in UTInstapoll, please consider NOT using any of these paid options.

Video & Screencasting


Click here to learn how to get started with Youtube.

Screencasts, which are videos of your computer screen and often used in tutorials, are a great way to illustrate a point or program.


Screencast-O-Matic is a free screen and webcam recorder to capture video from your computer screen and share it online or in class.

Get started with Screencasting here.



Camtasia is a video-based screen capturing software. Camtasia can also be customized to capture the entire screen, a specific window, or user-defined region. Screen capture videos can be recorded with or without voice narration. In addition to recording video and audio, Camtasia has powerful editing capabilities that allow you to just about anything you can think of, including adding interactive quiz questions to your videos.

Click here to get started with Camtasia.



ScreenFlow is a very polished screencasting application for MAC users, which records just about anything and gives you a huge amount of editing options afterwards.

Click here to get started with Screenflow.


Interactive Video




Slideshow Presentations

Want to take your PowerPoint slideshows to the next level? Learn how here.