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Nursing Classrooms and You in Fall 2020

In addition to all the changes we’ve made within the Nursing building to keep each other safe, you’ve likely noticed there have been a lot of small changes in our classrooms. So, as you prepare for the beginning of classes

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Preparing for Fall 2020 And Beyond – Online Teaching Resources

The Fall 2020 semester is quickly approaching. And, while there is much we are still unsure about, one thing is certain, Fall classes are likely to be a unique and challenging experience (for all of us). To help ensure that

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Open Office Hours

Do you need any help preparing for Fall 2020 classes? Beginning Wednesday, 8/12/20, until the 12th class day, I will be available for Office Hours. Office hours will be held each Mon, Wed, and Fri, from 3:30 – 4:30 pm.

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Online Teaching Resources

  Given the circumstances of what’s been happening around the world within the last few weeks, it’s safe to assume that what follows on this page is subject to change. That said, this is one of the resources available to

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News & Events for April 2018

There are always lots of cool, new things happening around campus and here in the School of Nursing. Here are just a few that I wanted to share with you and highlight. If you know of anything you’d like to

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How Vs. Why Knowledge

Because we know how things work, sometimes we think we understand why these things work as they do. That can be a problem.

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The Myth of Learning Styles

For years now, we all heard about various “learning styles” and the importance of tailoring learning experiences to the learner to help ensure more effective learning. Unfortunately, while it is absolutely critical that we keep the learner in mind, focusing

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Coaching Students How to Study – Quick FIC SolutionsQuick FIC Solutions

  Source: Coaching Students How to Study – Quick FIC SolutionsQuick FIC Solutions

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Smart Thinking

Reading good books makes us smarter. And several years ago, UT’s very own Dr. Art Markman created a simple, easy-to-understand way to help anyone, including students, improve their thinking and their learning habits. Smart Thinking is a book that explores

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