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Using Zoom in the School of Nursing Classrooms

Would you like to use Zoom for your next meeting but don’t know how? Do you want your guest speaker to be able to see and hear your students during Q&A? These questions and more are addressed in the video

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Camtasia and You

Are you teaching in a “flipped classroom”?  Do you want to easily add a voice over to your PowerPoint slideshow?  Do you have VHS or DVD videos that you wish you could upload into Canvas for future use?   

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Should you use the microphone? Yes!

“If our colleagues and students can’t hear in meetings or in classrooms, they can’t participate. Those of us with low hearing, a hearing impairment, or a hearing-assistive device need you to speak into the microphone so we can fully understand your words.

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GoPros, Webcams, and Smartphones. Oh, my!

You may have already heard, but in case you haven’t, the School of Nursing now has not 1 but 3 GoPro cameras that are available to help you create videos for your students or as part of your class.

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How (NOT) to Use Classroom Microphones

If you’ve taught in any of the classrooms on the first floor of the Nursing building, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that there are microphones available in each room.

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News & Events for May

The semester is coming to an end and summer is around the corner, but there’s no shortage of things happening around campus and here in the School of Nursing. Here are just a few that I wanted to share with

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Demystifying Video (and other types of recording)

     You want to make a video but you don’t know where to start… You’ve come to the right place. The short video below is a great place to begin. You can also contact me any time so we can

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Captioning & Transcription Services & UT

As a content creator or owner it’s your responsibility to to ensure that the materials you provide as part of your course as accessible to every student in your “audience”. Specifically, Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act requires all media used

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New Classroom “Cheat Sheet”

By now you’ve probably noticed that many of the classrooms on the first floor here in the School of Nursing have been completely remodeled. One BIG part of that remodel was upgrading the technology available in each of those classrooms.

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How to create a video for a class – Teaching in Higher Ed

I have been talking often about the learning management system (LMS), Canvas, these past few days. We are switching over to it for the coming academic year, which, according to my calculations, starts in about two and a half seconds.

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