Embeddable Content Types

Create special layouts and content pieces that can be added to any page of the website.

Step 1

Fill out one of the forms for embeddable content types. Not all of the following layouts and content types are available on all of the websites but can be requested.

  • Image Gallery (captions must be added to the image when it is uploaded or you can edit the image in the Media Library)
  • Promo Grid
  • Video
  • Audio

Step 2

Create a new page, news item, profile, etc. or navigate to an already existing piece of content where you want to add this content.

Step 3

Switch the Body or Rich Text field to Advanced Rich Text Editor.

Step 4

Place your cursor where you want to add the content and click the Embed iconicon. Be wary to clear all block level element tags before inserting. (Use the Show Blocks button to make sure you have cleared all proceeding block level element tags.)

Step 5

Type the Title of the embeddable content into the autocomplete field in the pop-up window.  You may need to use the node ID number, especially if you have multiple pages on the site with the same Title. You can find it by looking at the edit path. The path will look something like: https://root.url/node/70/edit. In this example, you would enter 70 into the Insert Content pop-up “Content” field.
autocomplete field for gallery title
Click Next.

Step 6

From the “Display As” drop-down, select one of the options:
drop-down field with options
You may want to experiment with the different Displays on the test site before working on the production site.

Hit Embed.

Step 7

Publish and Save as normal.

Edit Embedded Content

You can always find the content in the

Alternate Option

If this feature is not available for you, you may still embed multimedia.