Month: April 2017

May 2017 FIC Workshops

Upcoming Workshops hosted by the Faculty Innovation Center All workshops will be conducted in SZB 450AF. unless otherwise noted. Workshop Descriptions are located below the schedule. Please click the link to Register for the workshops or view all offerings in

Virtual Office Hours

Virtual Office Hours Traditionally, office hours offer a predetermined time and place where students can visit with faculty for any of a number of different reasons. But sometimes, scheduling conflicts might arise, life might get in the way and students

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Welcome to the School of Nursing’s Educational Technology & Design Blog Do you have questions about classroom technology? Are you looking for new teaching strategies? Do you want to make changes to your Canvas course? Then, this blog in for

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Add People to Your Canvas Course

Adding people to your Canvas courses is pretty simple. That is, once you’ve done it a couple times. However, if you never have, it’s not the most “intuitive” process ever. So, here’s how you can add anyone to Canvas… as

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How to create a video for a class – Teaching in Higher Ed

I have been talking often about the learning management system (LMS), Canvas, these past few days. We are switching over to it for the coming academic year, which, according to my calculations, starts in about two and a half seconds.

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LinkedIn for Nursing Students

We do lots of things to help prepare nursing students for their professional futures. And, here’s one more thing you can tell your students about to set them up for success: LinkedIn

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Converting Web Pages to PDF

Most of the time, the readings you assign to your students will be found in a textbook or journal. But sometimes, you may want them to read an article or other content that’s part of a Web page. And, one

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Smart Thinking

Reading good books makes us smarter. And several years ago, UT’s very own Dr. Art Markman created a simple, easy-to-understand way to help anyone, including students, improve their thinking and their learning habits. Smart Thinking is a book that explores

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