The Myth of Learning Styles

For years now, we all heard about various “learning styles” and the importance of tailoring learning experiences to the learner to help ensure more effective learning.

Unfortunately, while it is absolutely critical that we keep the learner in mind, focusing on “learning style” may not being doing as much good as we once thought.

Take, for example, this quote from the Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching:

“Despite the popularity of learning styles and inventories such as the VARK, it’s important to know that there is no evidence to support the idea that matching activities to one’s learning style improves learning.  It’s not simply a matter of “the absence of evidence doesn’t mean the evidence of absence.”  On the contrary, for years researchers have tried to make this connection through hundreds of studies.”



If you’d like to explore a little more, here’s a simple yet effective infographic that can help you take a deeper dive.



The Myth of Learning Styles Infographic



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