Wireless Clickers / Laser Pointers in the School of Nursing

Beginning in the Spring 2020 semester, the School of Nursing can no longer provide clickers/laser pointers to faculty the way that we have in the past.



Since the completion of the 1st floor remodel, we have been experiencing occasional, yet significant, technical problems in several of our classrooms caused by the clickers/laser pointers that are left plugged in to the classroom computers. Because of the issues caused to the classroom computers, and because LAITS does not support their use, the School will no longer leave clickers in each of the 1st floor classrooms or in 4.180. Instead, we’ve come up with the following suggestions for faculty or presenters who wish to use them:

  • Faculty who wish to use a clicker during their lectures have 3 options. They can:
    1. Check one out on a class-by-class basis from Ruth Brady (no more than 24 hours).
    2. Purchase one from the School at cost ($27.49: cash or check only). Handled by Ruth Brady.
    3. Purchase one directly from Amazon or another source of your choice.
      1. This one comes highly recommended and is only $10.

If you have questions or concerns about this new policy, please contact Margaret Hill or Sean White.

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