Internship with The Dime Club

We are seeking a software engineering intern to support development and maintenance of a networking mobile app and the server infrastructure to support it. Depending on skills, experience, and interests, job duties may include iOS/Android UI development, RESTful service development, cloud server infrastructure development and support, or business systems integration.

We have 2 positions for our small team for the spring 2016 semester.

Desired Skills

• Proficiency in Objective C, Java, Python, Node.js, or JavaScript

• Proficient in basic CS concepts such as data structures and object-oriented design.

• Comfortable working in a team environment, asking questions, and ability to work independently when necessary

• Good interpersonal skills

• Junior or Senior level Computer Science (or related degree) students

• Ability to commit to minimum 10 hours per week

Please note that this is an unpaid internship. We will provide any necessary documentation the selected candidates require to receive course credit for the internship, as well as letters of recommendation to be used for graduate schools or future employment opportunities.

About The Dime Club

The Dime Club is a mobile app company that has built a digital community of next generation leaders who connect with each other via mobile app. Users of the app are social, tech-savvy young professionals who show ambition and like to be around other like-minded individuals. 

About Powershift Group

Powershift Group is a venture development group that leverages expertise, capital, and networks to found and grow our own companies. The leadership team consists of serial entrepreneurs and business leaders in Austin, Texas that have been doing business around the world since 1998. 

Powershift Group and The Dime Club are Equal Opportunity Employers

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Paid Student position at the Environmental Defense Fund

Office Assistant, Cuba Oceans Program Environmental Defense Fund

Location: Austin, TX
Term: February – May 2016
Hours: 100 hr. flexible week to week Pay: $9.00/hr
Position Description:

EDF’s Cuba Oceans Program is looking for a part time Office Assistant to support the Manager in weekly administrative work. The office assistant would work a total of 100 hrs. over the Spring semester with flexible hours depending on work load and availability with a maximum of 10 hrs. in 1 week. This is an opportunity for a student interested in marine conservation and U.S.-Cuba relations on the environment to learn about EDF’s work and provide administrative support.

Tasks include:

  1. Creating and managing an excel database of contacts and partners
  2. Managing document library using an online platform
  3. Reviewing U.S.-Cuba news
  4. Organizing supplies and handling printing and mailings for trainings/ workshop events
  5. Other administrative duties dependent on needs and candidate’s skills and interests


  •   Exceptional organizational skills
  •   Trustworthy and able to use guidance to work independently at times
  •   Able to work from EDF office or from home/campus when needed
  •   Proficiency in Spanish desired, but not required

    To apply please send resume and cover letter to Valerie Miller at with “Office Assistant” and your name in the subject line.


Background Information: With world attention focused on both the environment and the economy, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is where policymakers and business leaders turn for win-win solutions. This leading green group, with programs from Boston to Beijing, has tripled in size over the past decade by focusing on strong science, uncommon partnerships and market-based approaches. You can be part of a vibrant workplace that welcomes diverse perspectives, talents and contributions, where innovation and a focus on results are a way of life.

EDF Oceans Program: The Oceans Program works to find constructive solutions to the most critical problems threatening the world’s marine environments. At the national, regional, and international levels, our team of scientists, attorneys and economists are working with fishermen to establish fair and sensible limits on their catch that will allow fisheries to recover. EDF’s Oceans Program works to improve the health of the oceans via innovative and durable solutions to today’s toughest fishery management challenges. Our Oceans Program has focused on fisheries in the waters of the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean and Europe and is beginning to implement its strategy to influence fisheries reform globally to ensure more fish in the water, more food on the plate, and more prosperous communities.

Cuba Oceans Program Description:

Since 2000, EDF has become a trusted partner and resource for Cuban policymakers, managers, scientists, fishermen, community leaders and NGOs. We have successfully worked with Cuban experts to protect Cuba’s coastal and marine resources, which are among the most vibrant in the Caribbean. When Cuba committed to establish a network of marine parks several years ago, EDF helped Cuban scientists identify priority habitat areas for protection; since then, Cuba has set a goal to protect 25% of its coastal waters. Our projects have also included developing strategies to implement new coastal laws and policies, supporting ecological and economic research in the Jardines de la Reina National Park, and assessing the feasibility of developing renewable ocean energy projects off the northern coast of Cuba.

Our current projects focus on improving fisheries management, implementing a national strategy for conserving shark populations that EDF helped design, and training scientists on tools for assessing and managing fish stocks when data is limited. Since 2013, EDF has been a partner in SOS Pesca, a community-based project to protect coral reefs, end overfishing and improve the livelihoods of residents along Cuba’s south coast. This past year, EDF also facilitated a dialogue between the U.S. and Cuba on protecting shared marine resources, which has resulted in an unprecedented agreement between NOAA and the Cuban National Center for Protected Areas to collaborate on the science and management of coral reef ecosystems. EDF also helped broker a broader U.S.-Cuba environmental agreement that will expand opportunities for sharing knowledge and technology between the two countries.

EDF is poised to expand on the foundation we have built in Cuba over the past 15 years and help ensure the country can preserve its extraordinary natural heritage and create new economic opportunities for coastal residents in the face of a changing climate and a more open society. We share a vision with our Cuban partners that Cuba can thrive, with resilient, productive and sustainable coastal ecosystems that support a growing economy and a more prosperous population.

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Knight Center at UT Austin looking for paid intern

The Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas is looking for a paid intern to help with our blog, Journalism in the Americas. We monitor daily journalism news and trends in Latin America and offer useful resources for journalists. 

We are looking for a paid intern who would work between 10 and 15 hours a week. Applicants can be undergraduate or graduate students at the University of Texas at Austin. The internship may qualify as a journalism internship for credit.

Our main need is with translation between English and Spanish. We prefer someone who is able to translate to and from both languages (English to Spanish, Spanish to English). Journalism experience and familiarity with AP Style is preferred. There will also be opportunities to publish your own content for the blog.

We are looking to fill this position ASAP. If you are interested, please email a resumé to the Knight Center’s online content coordinator Teresa Mioli at

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Breakthrough Summer Teaching Fellowship

Breakthrough Summer Teaching Fellowship

 Spend a Summer teaching, spend a lifetime leading. Breakthrough offers one of the greatest opportunities in the country for you to assume leadership and to practice creativity, adaptability, and problem-solving.

The Summer 2016 teaching fellow application is now open!

Learn More

  • Teaching fellow applicants may apply to three affiliates across the country. Check out our 2016 Site Directoryfor detailed information about each site.
  • Look through our 2016 Viewbook!
  • Review application instructions below before you begin your application.
  • Visit our FAQs page for answers to frequently asked application and selection questions.
  • Click here to contact a campus recruiter, one of our undergraduate teaching fellow alums.

Important Dates

The 2016 teaching fellow application is currently open. Our early action deadline is January 12, 2016. The regular decision deadline is February 23, 2016.

Application Instructions

We are thrilled you have decided to apply to be a teaching fellow at Breakthrough. Please refer to the following application instructions as you complete your application and participate in the selection process.

Before You Start

Step 1: Choose a Recommender
Selecting a recommender as early as possible in the selection process allows you to give him or her as much notice as possible. Recommenders complete an online recommendation form and are not asked to submit a formal letter of recommendation. You will be asked to provide your recommender’s information at the end of the application. Upon submission of your application, we will contact him/her via email. For advice on selecting and communicating with a recommender, and specific information about the online recommendation form check out our Frequently Asked Questions page. As long as your application is submitted by one of the deadlines, your application will be considered on-time. Recommenders will have two weeks to complete the online form (even if it falls after the deadline).

On the Application

Step 2: Complete Your Profile Information 
Provide basic information about your demographics, skills and educational background.

Step 3: Share Relevant Experiences 
Upload a current copy of your resume. It should include school and community activities, paid and unpaid work experience, volunteer and leadership opportunities, etc. To best represent yourself to the selection committee, please be thorough but concise. If you are currently in college, focus on your experiences in college (and in late high school if you are a college freshman). See our resume advice on the Frequently Asked Questions page. We encourage applicants to keep their resumes to one page (and not more than two).

Step 4: Submit Your Transcript
Please submit an electronic version of your academic transcripts. This document must indicate your current status as a student, your major, your current year or anticipated graduation year, all the courses you have taken as an undergraduate and the grades you received, your current course roster and your current cumulative GPA.

Please note that we do not require an official copy of your transcript and we do not accept paper copies; a screen shot of your online grade interface will suffice, as long as it contains the necessary information. You can paste multiple screen shots into a Word document and then save or print it as a PDF to upload multiple pages in one document.

Step 5: Write Three Essays
Your essays help the selection committee deepen their understanding of your experiences and perspective and assess your communication skills. Content is very important, but your presentation sends a strong message as well. Please show us your attention to detail and commitment to excellence by presenting error-free work. In your writing, strive to be as specific and original as possible. Overly broad, generic-sounding essays don’t add to your application. The selection committee wants to hear your unique story.

Step 6: Select Site and Subject Preferences
Indicate at least one specific site where you would most like to teach. To maximize chances of receiving a position at Breakthrough, we recommend that you select three sites and indicate you are willing to teach anywhere. Breakthrough has over 30 sites in exciting cities across the country, and all of them are seeking hard-working, talented teaching fellows.

You must also indicate which subject areas you are interested in teaching. As with site preferences, flexibility is helpful. As directors build their faculties, they like to have candidates whom they can move between departments. On the other hand, you must be qualified to teach each subject you select.

For each of these selections, we encourage you to be open-minded but honest about your willingness and ability to accept a position with all of the locations and subjects you indicate.

Step 7: Submit Your Application
Once you submit a completed application, your recommender will receive an email with recommendation information and instructions. You will not be able to make changes to the application once you submit your application.

After you submit your application, your application will be considered by your preferred sites in order of preference. If you advance in the selection process, you will be asked to complete or submit additional selection materials. Below is information about these additional materials. Please keep in mind that materials and timelines may vary slightly from site to site.

Step 8: Submit a Video
If you are selected to continue the process, you will be asked to submit a sample teaching video. Guidelines, expectations and a deadline will be provided to you via email.

Step 9: Interview
The final step of the selection process is an interview. Interview processes differ from site to site. Directors will contact you directly via email and/or phone to schedule and complete interviews.

Step 10: Receive a Decision
You will be updated about your application status throughout the process. If you apply to our early action deadline, you may be offered a position or passed to your second-ranked site. If you apply to the regular decision deadline, you may be accepted or denied by each of your selected sites, in order of your preference.

Applicants are only offered a position by one site. If you turn down an offer to teach with one site, you are turning down the opportunity to teach with Breakthrough for Summer 2016. If you are denied a position by all three sites and you have indicated a willingness to teach anywhere, you may become part of the national waitlist and may be offered a position at any site. If you are placed on the national waitlist, we will notify you.

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Spring Internships with Compost Pedallers

Marketing and Digital Communications Intern
Overview: With this marketing internship, you’ll gain experience working in a face-paced startup environment. You’ll be a member of a digital marketing team with autonomy over your projects and flexibility to bring original ideas to your work.

20 Hours/ week

Flexible work schedule

Unpaid with opportunities for advancement


– Manage Compost Pedallers Twitter, facebook, and instagram accounts
– Assist with blog and email newsletter content creation
– Assist in the organization of email lists and the production of email campaigns
-Assist with press releases and media relations


– Experience managing social media accounts
– Strong writing skills
– Work well in a team AND have confidence taking responsibility over individual projects
– High energy and positive outlook with a can-do attitude
– Have a basic knowledge of composting and an interest in learning more
– Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit

Operations Intern: 

Internship Description:

The purpose of this internship is to help document and standardize the way we do things in order to make our team more effective and make our program more easily replicated. You will also be providing general support for the operations team to ensure successful compost collections.

– Work with operations team to produce and update written instructions for various operational processes.
– Assist with route creation.
– Assist with data management.

We are looking for a process-oriented, self-starter who is passionate, organized and good with numbers.
-Strong written and verbal communicative skills
-Strong analytical skills
-Passion for sustainability and making a difference.

-Must be currently enrolled in a university and working toward a degree
-Must have availability for 15-20 hours a week
-Must have reliable transportation and a computer

Apply here:

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UT Microfarm Internships

Are you interested in sustainability and food? Enjoy being outside? Looking for a unique service-learning internship opportunity?

The UT Microfarm,UT’s first student-run farm, is currently looking to fill the following intern positions:

+ Education & Outreach Intern

+ Organic Fertilizing & Pest Control Intern

+ Resource Recovery Intern

Located near the Facilities Complex at 2204 Leona Street (at the corner of Manor and Leona), the Microfarm uses organic, sustainable methods to grow produce for UT dining halls and the local community.

No experience necessary!

We will provide you with training and resources. Interns will meet collectively once a month after Sunday workdays and are required to attend one workday a week (Thursday 3-5pm or Sunday 9am-12pm) Application and more in-depth descriptions of each position can be found here:

Application closes Fri, Feb. 12. Competitive candidates will have attended a Microfarm workday before/during the application process. Interviews will take place on-site on Sunday, Feb. 14 and Thursday, Feb. 18.

All volunteer positions have the potential to earn a paid position for summer 2016 and/or the 2016-2017 school year.

Please contact with questions and like our Facebook page for workday updates, cancellations, and other news:

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Paid Summer Internship in Philanthropy

Are you looking for a paid internship?  Have you made plans for the summer?  Are you willing to explore a new career path?

Paid summer internships at a UT institution are special opportunities to explore a rewarding career in philanthropy that will make a difference in your life and in the lives of others. Learn more at one of the two information sessions cosponsored by the Office of the Dean of Students and the University of Texas System Office of External Relations/Center for Enhancing Philanthropy.

 Information Sessions

Wednesday, January 27 from 1-2 p.m. in MEZ B0.306 

Thursday, January 28 from 5-6 p.m. in CLA 1.104 

Randa Safady, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor for External Relations and Jim Noffke, the Associate Vice Chancellor for the Center of Enhancing Philanthropy, are coming to campus to talk with you about careers in philanthropy and the paid internship program.   

 More information about the internships can be found online at

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Research Assistants needed for SOGI: Health & Rights Lab

Faculty Researcher: STEPHEN RUSSELL

Contact Details

Quinlyn Morrow


The SOGI: Health and Rights laboratory focuses on the role of sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) in human health, development, and rights. Our projects focus on the links between SOGI and health/well-being, with an emphasis on how prejudice and stigma shapes daily life. Our research includes attention to the unique vulnerabilities and strengths of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) people across the lifespan, yet most of our studies focus on adolescents and healthy development.


We include research assistants at all levels in our projects – from just beginning, to advanced students with research project and statistical skills. Each semester we have a different set of needs, so contact us to see whether we have openings. Weekly lab meetings are open to anyone who wants to attend, so students may visit to learn more about our projects and how to get involved.


Research assistants may become involved in a range of duties: conducting literature searches and reviews; helping recruitment activities for ongoing studies; coding qualitative (interview) as well as quantitative (survey) data; conducting content analyses of qualitative data, or statistical analyses of quantitative data.
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Spring Internships with the Human Rights Clinic

The Human Rights Clinic is a course in the School of Law’s Experiential Education section. Law and other graduate students who take the Human Rights Clinic advocate on behalf of victims of human rights abuses. They work on a variety of projects. You can read more about the Human Rights Clinic here:

We are seeking a few unpaid interns to assist the students with their projects. In the past, interns have helped with tasks like making copies, scanning, translating documents, and assembling materials for meetings or mailing campaigns. Spanish language skills are a plus, but are not required.

The hours are very flexible, and the amount of time required varies from week to week.

To apply to become an intern for the Human Rights Clinic, please send an email with a copy of your resume to Ted Magee, the Clinic Administrator at:

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Summer Internships with Young Invinscibles

Young Invincibles and the Cognosante Foundation are hosting a fellowship program that will provide students with the opportunity to learn a range of skills from policy research, organizing and advocacy, to communications strategies, to business skills. Four fellows will be chosen to participate in our DC program, two in Chicago, and two in Houston. This is the second year of the program.

Program Description

Young Invincibles is seeking interested candidates to join our summer fellowship program, YI Scholars, for a professional and educational experience in Washington, DC, Chicago, and Houston. YI Scholars will have the opportunity to learn leadership and professional skills, be trained on the issue areas that Young Invincibles advocates for, explore both the non-profit and business sector and participate in educational activities throughout DC, Chicago, and Houston. Each YI Scholar will get a chance to work across the organization in policy and research, communications, organizing or YI’s consulting arm, YI Advisors. In addition, YI Scholars will become a part of a YI Alumni Network to ensure that they continue to engage with other young leaders as they begin their careers. This position is full-time, temporary for 10 weeks (June 6 – August 12), and pays a stipend of $5,000. The program also covers the cost of a round-trip plane ticket for the fellow to travel to DC, Chicago, or Houston and back home. Chicago and Houston fellows will be traveling to DC twice during the fellowship to meet with DC staff and the Cognosante foundation and participate in other DC activities. Preference will be given to first-generation college students.


• Be a current undergraduate student (18 years or older) enrolled in a two- or four-year institution within the United States. Graduating students may apply (Fall 2015, Spring and Summer 2016).

• Actively participate in the community and/or campus.

• Demonstrate leadership skills through campus involvement, community involvement and/or through job experience.

• Be creative, entrepreneurial, energetic, and possessing great attitude.

• Show willingness to work both independently and alongside coworkers and partners.

• Have the ability and willingness to work in a fast-paced work environment and start-up atmosphere.

• Have the ability to work in a professional environment and show maturity in the workplace.

• Possess excellent communications and interpersonal skills, including the ability to work effectively with a variety of people.

• Possess excellent writing skills.

• Have a passion for Young Invincibles’ mission.

• The selection committee will be deliberate in ensuring preference is given to students who are first-generation college attendees and/or who are from underrepresented communities (low-income, communities of color, immigrants.)

Review process and application instructions:

• January 17, 2016: Applications due by midnight EST. Apply here! ( )

• End of February: Selected candidates will be notified if they have moved onto the next round in the hiring process.

• March: First round of hiring process.

• April: Interviews and offers made.

Please note that this is a proposed timeline and is subject to change. Everyone will be required to apply HERE ( )via our applicant portal by Sunday, January 17, 2016 (midnight EST). The application will ask basic questions about yourself, allow you to upload your resume or CV, and will contain two application questions (below). Applicants must answer both questions. The application questions will be capped at 500- words. We encourage everyone to first write the answers to the two questions in a word document and copy and paste it to the application form once you are ready to submit.

A review committee will review all applications. (500-word limit per question)

1. Young Invincibles advocates for young adults on three core economic issue areas: access to health care, higher education, and jobs. Please use one of those issues and 1) describe what you think is the biggest challenge that our generation faces around that issue, and 2) solutions to address that issue.

2. What has motivated you to pursue your degree in higher education? (We want to get to know you! Feel free to expand on your background, educational and career goals and/or personal aspirations. Your answers will only be viewable by the selection committee.)

If you have any questions please contact

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