Apply Your Communication Skills and Help Raise Awareness about Environmental Health

The Center for Health and Environment: Education & Research (CHEER) Internship Opportunities

The Center for Health and Environment: Education and Research is seeking a student to assist in the development and execution of a communications plan.

About The Center for Health and Environment:

While CHEER is housed in Dell Medical School, it is a multidisciplinary entity and its leadership includes faculty from the College of Natural Sciences, The College of Pharmacy, and the Cockrell School of Engineering. This assistantship could be done entirely remotely and requires strong written communication skills, ability to monitor scientific literature and identify items of broad interest, facility with social media, and interest in environment and health. Visit our website for more information:

Important Information:

This assistantship could be done entirely remotely and requires strong written communication skills, ability to monitor scientific literature and identify items of broad interest, facility with social media, and interest in environment and health.  Potential activities include the development and launch of a monthly newsletter and social media campaign.  The student will have the opportunity to participate in monthly CHEER Steering Committee meetings and attend CHEER monthly scientific seminars and will work directly with CHEER administrative staff.  The position is unpaid.

If interested, please email Courtney Mulligan at and include a resume.

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Fall Internships with One Good Turn

logo transparent 3.png

One Good Turn Internship Opportunities

One Good Turn is currently seeking two interns to support our Programs Director and Executive Director with (1) strategic communications, branding, and development and (2) researching, writing, and creating a medical education curriculum for health workers in developing countries. These internships offers the opportunity to gain valuable professional experience while supporting a local non-profit that is truly changing lives.

About One Good Turn:

One Good Turn (OGT) is a global health education nonprofit based in Austin, TX. Our mission is to provide practical medical education and culturally sensitive medical care to neglected communities worldwide. One Good Turn focuses on teaching: we create simple medical education and training protocols developed for community health providers who may have little to no formal training. Through education, we build sustainable pathways to better health for communities worldwide. Learn More:

Important Information:

Application Deadline: Friday August 28, 2020

These internships are unpaid but will provide valuable professional experience and an incredible learning opportunity for anyone interested in working in the global health or nonprofit industries. Additionally, depending on schedules and ability to travel, interns may have the opportunity to accompany the One Good Turn team on medical education projects in the future. Potential project locations include countries like Kenya, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and more.

These internships are for the Fall 2020 semester but could continue into the winter/spring should the working relationship prove valuable to all parties. A commitment minimum of 10-15 hours per week is required but could increase, time permitting.

Application Materials:

  • Resume with education, employment history, and contact information for 3 references
  • Cover letter addressing your interest in the position (if applying for both positions, please indicate your top preference)
  • Short writing sample (5 pages maximum) and/or social media portfolio (for communications position applicants)

To apply, please submit your application materials (PDFs only please) to OGT Programs Director Annie Albrecht at

Communications & Development Internship

What you will learn:

  • How to use impactful visuals to tell moving stories
  • How to write compelling blog, website, newsletter, and social media content
  • How to use lead generation and marketing tactics to build OGT’s social media following
  • How to analyze social media, newsletter, and blog performance
  • How to use various social media and newsletter databases and softwares (Hootsuite, Network for Good, Canva, etc)
  • How to implement SEO best practices
  • How to use donor-centric language in fundraising
  • An overview of the global health industry landscape
  • How to manage deadlines and work collaboratively

What you will do:

  • Create a social media content calendar and update the social media accounts with fresh content to improve engagement and outreach
  • Conduct research to find articles and stories relevant to One Good Turn’s mission and vision and post on our social media platforms to invite conversation and interaction
  • Monitor and reply to conversation/interaction
  • Conduct strategic outreach to identify potential publicity and promotional partnerships
  • Create blog content, conduct outreach to identify and coordinate with guest bloggers
  • Update the website and blog as needed
  • Handle online inquiries appropriately (Facebook Messenger, newsletter replies, web form submissions)
  • Update and grow the email newsletter list
  • Track social media interaction and growth and provide monthly updates
  • Contributes to the team efforts by accomplishing related tasks as needed

Ideal candidate qualifications:

  • Creative self-starter with a passion for health, education, and sustainable development
  • Enrolled in marketing, advertising, journalism, or other writing-intensive degree program
  • Experience with website maintenance and social media platforms
  • Detail oriented with strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work independently and in collaboration with the team
  • Be flexible and willing to take on other tasks in this start-up environment
  • Bring your own laptop computer
  • Comfortable working remotely and/or in a shared space environment
  • Available to work 10-15+ hours per week

 Medical Curriculum Research and Development Internship

What you will learn:

  • How to create and structure a comprehensive medical education curriculum designed for health workers with little to no formal training
  • About common medical conditions in developing countries in the tropical belt
  • How to create educational content that is easily understood across cultures and languages
  • How to create compelling and easy-to-understand infographics
  • How to use medical research databases
  • An overview of the global health industry landscape
  • How to manage deadlines and work collaboratively

What you will do (in collaboration with the ED and Programs Director):

  • Research best practices for curriculum development and design
  • Establish a project timeline and benchmarks
  • Collaborate remotely with team members all over the globe
  • Use medical research databases to compile diagnosis and treatment information
  • Conduct research on social determinants of health in partner communities, conduct research on common medical issues in partner communities
  • Draft copy medical education materials based on comprehensive medical research (in collaboration with other team members and with guidance from OGT leadership)
  • Create medical educational visual materials including brochures, presentations, charts/infographics, and other documents
  • Conduct outreach to partner communities via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Email, etc.
  • Utilize SOCION, a platform for sharing and tracking educational materials/training/certifications, to communicate with partner communities, upload materials, update materials, and manage participants
  • Additional duties as assigned. May include: translating, formatting, editing, admin work, etc.

Ideal candidate qualifications:

  • Enrolled (or has demonstrated interest/experience) in one or more of the following fields: education/curriculum development, pre-med/biology, research and/or writing-intensive programs
    • Note: Other academic programs will also be considered, all applicants welcome
  • Passionate about global health, education, and sustainable development
  • Has some clinical experience in an international or local setting
  • Available for 10-15+ hours weekly
  • A self motivated, driven, creative, and a quick learner
  • Is flexible and willing to collaborate remotely and in a shared work environment
  • Demonstrates an ability to write compelling content
  • Has their own laptop/computer
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Internship Available with Sounds by Cassandra

Cassie Shankman
About Sounds by Cassandra

Sounds by Cassandra is a Multifaceted Audio Agency run by Award-winning musician/producer DJ Cassandra. Work includes everything from performance to curation to composing / producing to education. Find more at (website is currently in process of being updated).

Internship Details

I’m in search of an assistant who can help with little things like organizational skills and finding new clients to more strategizing work like content creation for social media and more. There is opportunity to build new music projects as well, so someone who is interested or has skills in music would be a plus! This is an unpaid internship, with the possibility to be a paid internship depending on skill sets. Anywhere from 5-10 hours a week.

For more information, please email Cassie Shankman at

Internship & COVID-19

Location of internship is dependent on the COVID-19 situation. If in-person is needed, the work will take place in safe space in office in Austin, TX (101 N Loop Blvd E.)

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Remote Internships Available through the Wye River Group

Texas Alliance on Health Internship

The Texas Alliance for Health Care was created as a resource to lawmakers in anticipation of changes in the Affordable Care Act. We are a diversified group of stakeholders from private and public sectors representing hospitals, health plans, philanthropy, community clinics, providers, business, and public health. Our goal is to provide well thought out research that will inform and offer guidance as to the impact of proposed changes in the finance and delivery of health care in Texas. Learn more at our website at

We are seeking an intern to support our current project Texas Advisory on Public Health Infrastructure. The intern(s) will support our research including the creation of guiding principles and legislative recommendations to be presented to Texas policy makers.


Texas Advisory on Public Health Infrastructure is using the process described below to manage the creation of a set of consensus recommendations and principles.

Our objective is to provide Texas leadership with thoughtful recommendations for addressing unexpected public health crisis. We want to ensure our state policies and practices are optimally informed and that we have in place the necessary tools for addressing the three R’s: our readiness to respond, our response itself and our recovery tools.

We have selected three areas within public health to focus on: workforce, surveillance, and public health infrastructure.  These are suggested areas and we welcome your ideas.

The process we will use is designed to minimize taxing your time and maximizing the application of your expertise, through supporting your input electronically or on scheduled calls.

We are engaging with two well-seasoned Texas health policy professionals to conduct base line research to capture existing best practices learned from the current COVID experience and from previous episodes across the globe in the three key areas identified above: workplace, public health infrastructure and surveillance. This

The project is currently underway and will be ongoing  through June 2021. You will report directly to Jon Comola, Founder of WRG. Communication will be remote through conference calls and internet. This is a non-paid position.

Texas Water Roundtable Internship

We are seeking an intern to support our current project focused on research and a report on the importance of coordination of surface and groundwater in Texas. This work is in coordination with Chairman Larson.  The intern(s) will support the creation of a report that includes legislative recommendations to be presented to Texas policy makers.


Texas is at a crossroads in how we manage our water resources. Texans have been engaged for decades in water planning in a variety of ways at the state, regional, and local levels. These efforts have been extensive and valuable in many respects, but basic questions about how we manage our water and to what ends still await answers. A statewide consensus about how best to manage our water resources has not yet been reached.

Today this diverse group of thought leaders has produced a consensus building on the creation of shared principles and recommendations endorsed by more than 35 organizations. To review the abbreviated recommendations with endorser and for more detailed review, please visit

The recommendations focus on key issues:

  • Surface Water and Groundwater Management
  • Data Gaps and Research Needs
  • New Technologies
  • Optimizing the State Water Plan
  • Environmental Flows
  • Conservation and Drought Response
  • Land and Watershed Stewardship
  • Education and Public Outreach

The project is currently underway and will be ongoing  through December 2020. You will report directly to Jon Comola, Founder of WRG. Communication will be remote through conference calls and internet. This is a non-paid position.

Internship: Neuroscience & Law Enforcement Performance


This internship is designed to help improve law enforcement performance through the use of sophisticated neuro-science application. In times of stress (whether individual, at work, or universally, as is being experienced in the current COVID and racial tension climate in the USA) those learning strategies and coping mechanisms that work well most time, don’t work well when the emotional brain takes over and in some cases of extreme stress, severely hinder the functioning of the frontal cortex/thinking brain. New technologies have emerged that can measure these drivers and as such, can predict likely areas of reactivity and re-map thinking to prevent any negative outcomes in the future.

“Psychologists usually try to help people use insight and understanding to manage their behavior. However, neuroscience research shows that very few psychological problems are the result of defects in understanding. [Including what is learned from behavioral interventions or even self-study.]  Most originate in pressures from deeper regions in the brain that drive our perception and attention. When the alarm bell of the emotional brain keeps signaling that you’re in danger no amount of insight will silence it.” The Body Keeps the Score, Dr B. van der Kolk [comment in italics added.]

In recent (and past) events negatively impacting law enforcement, it has been our observation that perhaps certain levels of root source, reactive brain-mapping is existent in those officers (as well as military, medical, or any other such professionals) involved and when in extreme stress, they have no control over their behavior. By comparison, those officers who manage stress well and do not over-react, have different, healthier root source drivers in place. Another key competency – that of emotional resilience/recover – is also at play, with any number of performance driver combinations. The point being that this is measurable and rectifiable, long before an individual finds themselves in such a situation.

Interns responsibilities:

The intern(s) working on this project will research articles and studies to create a paper that will inventory the neuro-science used to measure performance and the tools used to correct unwanted behavior.

The project is currently underway and will be ongoing  through December 2020. You will report directly to Jon Comola, Founder of WRG. Communication will be remote through conference calls and internet. This is a non-paid position.

If interested in any of the positions listed above, please contact Jon Comola, Founder of WRG, by email at

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In-person Internship Available with Capitol School of Austin

Image may contain: text that says '!!!!!1 Capitol School of Austin'

Capitol School of Austin is a private, non-profit school for children ages 2 years – 4th grade identified with speech, language and learning differences.  We welcome Bridging Disciplines students and have had many over the years. Because our classrooms are taught by speech language pathologists or special educators, a great fit is often UT students seeking further experience in the field of Communication Disorders, but we welcome all disciplines. The internship is unpaid and the minimum number of hours expected is 10 hours per week, scheduled during the hours of 7:45 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. We will work around your work and class schedule.

Interns are paired with one group in the school (either preschool or school-aged) and have opportunities to interact with children at their lead therapist’s direction. We seek interns who are nurturing, enthusiastic and energetic who desire to learn more about learning differences and how they can affect a child’s entire school day. If interested, send a resume to Jeannette Young, Director & Head of School, at or call 512-467-7006.

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Remote Internship Position Available with Sparks for Success

About Sparks for Success:

Sparks for Success has been providing school-based Music Therapy classes and private music instruction to children suffering traumas brought on by family incarceration and other forced separation from parents. Due to COVID-19 our Music Therapy sessions for the coming school year will be held virtually with one family at a time.

Many of our Sparks students live in impoverished environments—government subsidized housing and other low income neighborhoods. Some are cared for by adults who have not graduated high school and/or do not have good parenting skills. Many lack hope that their condition can ever improve.

For more information, please view our brochure and visit our website.

Student interns would have the opportunity to explore the following areas:

  • Children, Media & the Arts:  Research on music therapy for children with special needs – the negative social, emotional, economic, and health effects caused by parental incarceration and how we can intervene through music therapy.
  • Children & the Family, regarding the familial structure and conditions that can affect a child’s upbringing and development: Incarceration of a parent or other close relative often is reflected on the children (stigma, guilt).
  • Art and Social Change: The use of short videos, newsletters, and social media campaigns to draw attention to the plight of children affected by parental incarceration and how early interventions can benefit them.
  • Youth and Family: Social and economic factors at play in youth development and family dynamics.
  • Community Welfare and Social Justice: Many children of inmates not only follow in their parents’ footsteps, but they are expected to. Former and reformed inmates have stated that when they did the right thing their friends/community would make fun of them. However, once they committed crimes they received the support and approval of those around them. Intergenerational incarceration is not uncommon.

If interested in working with Spark for Success, please contact Cynthia Smith, Executive Director, at for more information about available internship positions. 

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Fall Research Opportunities Available Through Dr. Lucy Atkinson

Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations logo

Dr. Lucy Atkinson is seeking students to assist her with four different research opportunities. Please contact Dr. Atkinson at for more information.

Content analysis of primetime TV shows

  • Focus: Analysis of green advertising and environmental depictions in shows like Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, etc.
  • Unpaid
  • Unlimited number of positions
  • Can be done remotely
  • Skills required – no specific skills, will be trained

Content analysis of media for stories about oil and gas

  • Focus: Analysis of media coverage of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). CCS removes CO2 from the atmosphere and shows promise in mitigating the effects of climate change.
  • Paid
  • Two positions
  • Can be done remotely
  • Skills required – no specific skills, will be trained

Study #1 looking at virtual reality messages

  • Focus: Examining efficacy of science information about the deep sea and geothermal vents delivered via VR
  • Paid
  • Two positions
  • In-person, so depends on COVID
  • Skills required – relatively comfortable with new technology and managing study participants coming to a lab

Study #2 looking at virtual reality and augmented reality messages

  • Focus: Examining comparative efficacy of delivering environmental PSAs via video, AR and VR
  • Paid
  • Two positions
  • Some in-person meetings with me, which can be off-campus
  • Skills required – MUST know how to create AR and VR content
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Remote Internship Available with I Live Here I Give Here

I Live Here I Give Here




SCHEDULE: 10-12 Hours per Week, Flexible

LOCATION: Remote, Meetings will take place via Zoom and Whereby

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: I Live Here I Give Here is looking for a creative and civic-minded social media intern to work virtually and collaboratively with the nonprofit’s small and dynamic team. The intern will report to the Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications and gain experience in the development and implementation of audience-responsive social media content strategy.

This is a great learning opportunity for anyone interested in communications, public relations, advertising, community outreach, fundraising, and social media campaigns.

POSITION DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: Learning opportunities to include but not limited to:

#GivingTuesday Campaign:

  • Content creation, design, execution, and reporting for all of ILHIGH’s social media platforms
  • Assistance with campaign planning, including creation of a social media content calendar and coordination of influencer outreach
  • Creation of a social media toolkit for ILHIGH’s nonprofit partners
  • Day-of social media engagement on #GivingTuesday (December 1, 2020), including real-time storytelling, nonprofit engagement, and livestreaming

Brand Awareness + Community Engagement:

  • Opportunity to learn how to create and execute a region-wide social media campaign from start to finish with Sr. Manager of Marketing and Communications
  • Content creation for ILHIGH’s ongoing social media series, such as #52Tuesdays
  • Management of press clippings and assistance in securing ILHIGH program coverage on community event calendars
  • Social Media ad design direction
  • Creation of social media reports and monitoring of comments and metrics, making recommendations regarding most effective types of content and times to post to increase audience engagement

REQUIREMENTS: Ability to commit 10 – 12 hours per week. Excellent writing, design, organization, and customer service skills. Illustrated knowledge of social media trends and best practices. Detail-oriented self starter. Team player who is passionate about helping make Austin the most generous city in the country. Proficiency with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn publishing, advertising, and analytics platforms and with Adobe Creative Suite. Prior experience in social media content creation for an organization, including photography and videography, preferred.

TO APPLY: Please send a cover letter, resume, and two work samples to

ABOUT I LIVE HERE I GIVE HERE: I Live Here I Give Here is a nonprofit on a mission to make Central Texas the most generous community in the nation. We believe that generosity is key to building a more equitable, prosperous, and sustainable community for all. ILHIGH works with more than 750 local nonprofits to engage the community in giving. Its social media strategy focuses on igniting a grassroots movement to give back local through volunteerism, advocacy, nonprofit board or committee service, and monetary support/donations. We empower community members to take action for the causes they are passionate about and to share their giving stories to inspire others.

ABOUT GIVINGTUESDAY: #GivingTuesday is a global day of giving that takes place every year the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and the shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The movement brings people together around service and giving. Started by the 92nd Street Y in 2012, #GivingTuesday has spread to 150+ countries and last year alone raised over $300 million for nonprofits. But #GivingTuesday is not just about the dollars — it is about communities joining forces for good!

I Live Here I Give Here officially joined the global #GivingTuesday movement in 2017 as the Central Texas #GivingTuesday Community Leader. In 2019, we helped Central Texas families, individuals, nonprofits, and businesses take a record-breaking 8.4 million actions for good—from volunteering to exchanging a kind note with a stranger to setting up a recurring donation for a local cause.

EQUAL OPPORTUNITY OR NON-DISCRIMINATION: ILHIGH is committed to equal employment opportunity both in principal and in fact. All employment decisions including, without limitation, decisions regarding recruitment, selection, hiring, compensation, benefits, training, advancement, discipline, termination, layoff, return from layoff, and other terms, conditions and privileges of employment, are based on individual qualifications, without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status or any other status not listed here, but protected by law.

We will make reasonable accommodations, including modification of ILHIGH policies and procedures in appropriate cases, for qualified individuals with disabilities, if we can do so without undue hardship.

It is also the ILHIGH’s policy that any form of discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status or any other

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Internships Available with Sparking Learning

Image may contain: text that says 'SPARK LEARNING'

Mission of Spark Learning

The mission of Spark Learning is to improve the lives of children with autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, PDD, and other special needs through Applied Behavior Analysis therapy. We are dedicated to providing each child with the structure, care, and patience required for learning. Please visit for more information.

Operating Principles

  • Offer a personalized, flexible, and natural approach to therapy
  • Maintain high-quality employment practices
  • Encourage family involvement
  • Deliver results that we can stand behind

Internship Position Details

  • Provide ABA therapy to children in one-on-one and group settings
  • Play, engage and instruct children while integrating ABA therapy
  • Implement treatment and behavior intervention plans
  • Research and help develop methods for delivering ABA to clients
  • Track client’s progress through data collection
  • Complete client documentation on daily basis
  • Work as a team and collaborate with team members
  • Participate and contribute to in-service training and staff meetings

Sparking Learning & COVID-19

Location of internship is dependent on the COVID-19 situation. If in-person, the work will take place in our office located in Austin, TX (2517 Enfield Rd, Austin, TX 78703).

To Apply

Anyone who is interested in a position can send a resume and cover letter to Katie Ruback at
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Fall & Spring Internships Available with the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition

About Texas Criminal Justice Coalition

The Texas Criminal Justice Coalition (TCJC) advances solutions and builds coalitions to end mass incarceration and foster safer Texas communities. In our vision, all Texans live in safe, thriving communities where incarceration is rare and every person has the opportunity to succeed. Learn more at

Internship Opportunity: Policy Associate

TCJC offers a dynamic and engaging internship program where students gain hands-on experience in areas related to criminal and juvenile justice policy in Texas. We are currently accepting applications for unpaid internships during the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters. Interns commit a minimum of 20 hours per week. Specific project dependent upon the applicants areas of interest and/or expertise.


Location of internship is dependent on the current COVID-19 pandemic. Currently our staff members (including interns) are working remotely, but this may change in the fall. If in-person, the work will take place in our office located in Austin, TX (1714 Fortview Road, Suite 104, Austin, TX 78704). We are flexible on this as long as needs/preferences are communicated up front.

To Apply

Interested students can submit a resume to Lindsey Linder, Senior Policy Attorney, at In the body of your email, please explain why you are interested in interning with TCJC.

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