Virtual Teaching and Campus Disruptions

By now, we are all aware of the public health issues affecting our campus, our city, and beyond. As this crisis continues to evolve, we will continue working to support Nursing faculty and students alike. So, as you plan your own strategies for continuing instruction, please consider the following options and recommendations:



Develop a Plan

The Faculty Innovation Center, working with partners from all over campus, has developed this online resource to provide you with all the information necessary to develop a plan specific to your courses and your needs to allow you to continue teaching in the event of campus closure or other disruptions: Or, contact me any time if you’d like some assistance developing your “virtual teaching strategy”.


Teach Virtually

If you’re teaching groups of fewer than 50 students, you can use BigBlueButton which is already part of your Canvas course. Click here to watch two short (6 min.) videos that will introduce you to the basics. Or click here to take a deeper dive.

If you’re teaching more than 50 students, you have several options available, including Teams, Zoom, or Adobe Connect. Click Below to learn more about all these different tools:


You can also use ANY of the above tools is you wish to set up virtual office hours, host online meetings with student, faculty, or patients, or for anything else you can dream up.

Contact Me

Contact me at your convenience if you’d like to meet and discuss any of the ways I can help you develop your plan to continue teaching in the event of campus closure or other disruption.

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