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Zoom & BigBlueButton: Web Conferencing Made Easy

Do you ever have guest lecturers who can’t be THERE with you and your students in class? Do you ever wish you could offer ‘virtual office hours’ for your students? Would you like to let students work together in a

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AHRQ/Health IT YouTube channel

AHRQ’s health IT initiative focuses on (1) Improving health care decision making, (2) Supporting patient-centered care, and (3) Improving the quality and safety of medication management. AHRQ (the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality) is part of the U.S. Department

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Dynamic Lecturing – Teaching in Higher Ed

Todd Zakrajsek shares about his new book Dynamic Lecturing on episode 159 of the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast. Quotes from the episode You can’t just take bad examples of something and claim that the whole concept is bad. —Todd

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A Curated Toolkit for Instructors

The Faculty Innovation Center (FIC) recently unveiled a new website full of resources just for you! Called “QUICK FIC Solutions – A Curated Toolkit for Instructors”, this website contains more than 50 short videos that will show you tips and best

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How to Embed Live Websites into Your PowerPoint Slideshow

Do you get tired of having to switch back and forth between websites and your PowerPoint slideshow during a lecture? Do you wish it were possible to add that website right to your slideshow? Well, it turns out you can!

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Classroom Response Systems

If you’re looking for ways to increase interactivity and get more student feedback in your courses, classroom response systems are a great tool and there are lots of options available to you. This article will cover some pros and cons

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