News & Events for April 2018

There are always lots of cool, new things happening around campus and here in the School of Nursing. Here are just a few that I wanted to share with you and highlight. If you know of anything you’d like to add to future emails, please let me know!


New Canvas Gradebook

This past weekend, Canvas updated the Gradebook with some new features that I hope will make things easier for you and less confusing for your students. Click here for more details.

Ed Tech Blog

Lots of (hopefully helpful) new resources have been added to the School of Nursing education and technology blog.

Take your PowerPoints to the Next Level with UT’s new template and much more!

Lecture Capture (video recordings and podcasts) on a Budget! – For several weeks now I have been working on materials and resources to help you easily record audio and/or video of your lectures, guest speakers or anything else. More info is coming soon!


Faculty Innovation Center

UT’s Faculty Innovation Center is also creating lots of great resources for you and your students.

Inclusive Teaching and Learning

Experiential Learning

All the Classroom’s a Stage: Performance Training for Instructors


What else is happening?

Do you know of cool new teaching tool or pedagogical tip that you’d like to let others in the School of Nursing to know about? Share it here! Let me know all about it and I’ll be happy to add it to the blog, share it in the next email, host a workshop about it, you name it.

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