New Canvas Gradebook

Saturday, March 31, 2018, Canvas released an updated version of its Gradebook with some cool new features that I hope will make working on student grades easier for you and less confusing for them.

For full details on the New Gradebook, visit the Canvas Release Notes page.

Here’s a brief overview:

Filter Persistence – now when filter is applied to the Gradebook and later removed, all filters are cleared from the Gradebook.

Display Grade Assignment Grading Scheme – when entering grades, the New Gradebook will confirm, display and validate the grading scheme/letter grade set for the assignment. If an entry is made that is not supported in the grading scheme, the New Gradebook will display an error next to the invalid entry.

Grading Scheme Entry Menu – a drop-down menu is included to select a value in the grading scheme, along with Excused.

Complete/Incomplete Entry Menu – a drop-down menu is included to select a value for the assignment: Complete, Incomplete, Ungraded, and Excused.

Grade Detail Tray Final Grade Calculation Warning Icon – displays a warning icon for assignments that are not calculated as part of the final grade. This icon displays for assignments that have selected the option to not count the assignment toward the final grade, or if the assignment is within a weighted assignment group with no weighted percentage.

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