Nursing Classrooms and You in Fall 2020

In addition to all the changes we’ve made within the Nursing building to keep each other safe, you’ve likely noticed there have been a lot of small changes in our classrooms. So, as you prepare for the beginning of classes next week, and you plan for your “trial run” later this week, I want to let you know about several things that you can expect will already be in your classrooms[1] or which are coming soon.

Disinfectant wipes

Each classroom in use this Fall will have disinfectant wipes available on the teaching console to be used by faculty to clean off the computer equipment and microphone. These are for cleaning the classroom equipment only. Please do not remove them. If you need more, please contact Dee Baker.


Cleaning supplies

Each classroom is also outfitted with a spray bottle of disinfectant and paper towels for use by anyone who wishes to clean their desk, table, or any other area. If you classroom needs more cleaning supplies, please contact Dee Baker.


Hand Sanitizer

Outside of every classroom and in lots of other locations throughout the building, we now have freestanding dispensers of hand sanitizer. One of these dispensers should be available just outside your classroom door. If it ever needs to be refilled, please call Facilities Svcs at 512-471-2020.



Each classroom in use this Fall has also been equipped with an external USB webcam with a built-in microphone. These webcams now sit on top of the classroom monitor and make it possible for you to connect to Zoom or any other video conference tool without additional equipment.

If you’re using the classroom webcam to connect to a Zoom meeting, make sure you’ve selected the correct audio and video settings.



Each classroom is currently equipped with 3 adapters that make it possible to connect your laptop to the classroom computer system. But many of you have reported that only one room (1.112) has a 4th adapter that many newer laptops need.

This USBc adapter has been ordered and one will be placed in each classroom that will be used this Fall. If you have any questions about adapters, please contact LAITS.



If you’re teaching in one of our 1st-floor classrooms, it’s highly recommended that you use the wireless microphone that is available. Especially now that everyone must wear masks, making sure your students can hear you is more important than ever.

In addition to that, you’ll notice that there is a new, circular microphone on the each 1st-floor teaching console. These new microphones are part of the Lectures Online system. They are there to record the classroom audio and you do not have to do anything with them to make them work. If you have questions about the microphones, please contact LAITS.


Clickers / laser pointers

If you need an clicker / laser pointer, we recommend you purchase your own. But if you (or a guest speaker) needs to borrow one just for one class, then you can check one out from Ruth Brady.


Dry Erase Markers

Each classroom that has a dry erase board also has several dry erase markers provided by the School. If you find that one of them is out of ink or otherwise no longer working, please throw it away and contact Ruth Brady to get a new one.


We’re All in This Together

If you (or your students) notice that something in your classroom is broken, needs to be replaced, or otherwise needs attention, please make sure you tell someone. It’s everyone’s job, mine and yours, to make sure that our classrooms are safe and fully functional.

So, who do you tell?

  1. Classroom AV or computer equipment: LAITS
  2. Cleaning supplies in class: Dee Baker
  3. Other… stuff you’re not sure about? Margaret Hill or Sean White


[1] Classrooms used in Fall 2020: 1.106, 1.108, 1.112, 1.118, 3.170, 4.154, 4.176, 4.180, 5.134, 5.178.

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